The Third Litter

After searching for almost two weeks, the mystery has been solved! We now have four brand new kittens living in our backyard. My mom noticed our stray cat Bootsie has been getting incredietably tiny lately. Well, my mom thinks she didn’t start looking like that until the week after my sister left for college. Up until recently, everytime my mom would go outside she could hear little meows but they would stop whenever she’d get to the steps of the back porch. She had originally thought she must’ve had them in or around my dad’s building, but she never found them. They weren’t being nice either because they would holler but once you were close they stopped. Cats are smart creatures I’ve got to say. Well, when I heard my sister would be coming home this weekend, I kind of figured she would be the one to find them, because for one thing, she loves cats and we have been curious enough and my mom has probably been driving her nuts about hearing them, but haven’;t seen them yet. Well, she beat everybody to them and found them underneath our back porch. From what Blondie said, they came up to her. My heart is saying, she went and found them herself. She may be sick, but I really don’t think that matters to her when it comes to any kind of cat in the neighborhood.

When the kittens came around her, our big boy Tubby, who was from Bootsie’s first litter and the only one we have left from that litter. He came around when she had ahold of one of them in her hands and started hissing and growling at them. Good job Tubby, you’re mama is going to kick your butt if you do it in front of her. Blondie brought in a very cute kitten that she likes to call Ivan Jr, because it looks like my little kitten Ivan that got run over a few months ago. This kitten was very mobile and kind of noisy too! It’s eyes were huge! The eyes took up half of its face. When she took that one back outside, she brought in the one that looks like mama, Bootsie has a black coat with white belly, chest, and neck. The reason why everybody calls her “Bootsie” is because she has a patch of white on her paws that make her look like she’s wearing white boots. So this little kitten has the same colors, but on paws the white only goes up its toes, so the name “Socks” works wonderfully for this cat. The other difference is that Bootsie is a short-haired cat, they kitten looks like it needs a haircut. It looks like a fur ball. It’s so cute otherwise. I have had both Tubby and Wren lick my toes before, but I have never had a what looks like a three-week old kitten lick my toes before. That was so sweet until my sister took it back outside.

The last one was the other white and gray kitten, honestly it looks like we have two Ivans, because this one is very loud and you’ve seen dogs stretch out on beds or couches with the back legs extended, well this kitten was doing the same thing. It was acting very strange, it kind of had my sister and I worried about it, but it might be because it was so relaxing to be on something soft instead of the cold ground outside. We didn’t name that yet, but I think I┬ánicknamed it “Lazy” is pretty good! Blondie says there is four of them and the last one looks like mama but without the white patches on her. Now my mom is going to be happy when she gets home from work and I think we should definitely let Stef and Wren come inside so these new babies can go into the cage at night. So we know where they are at night and we can see them better too!

Blondie posted some pics of them. I’m sure we’ll get a picture of the fourth one soon. Stef and Wren look like giants compared to these little guys.