The Last Two Pumpkins: Henry & A

Today has been a rough day for me. I honestly don’t know what’s really going on with me. It’s been a somewhat gloomy day outside and even though my energy was up, everything else wasn’t working. Thank god for pumpkins though! After therapy today, I went to my nana’s and had lunch. I was actually more hungry towards the end of the visit because we had been talking our mouths off. We also finished the rest of the pumpkins too! We had a small one and a giant pumpkin. We just did melting of the crayons with the both of them, but my nana did use the gold and silver glitter fabric paint to do her little pumpkin. I think we truly enjoyed doing these pumpkins that we actually can’t wait for next year. Now I have two days to find recipes to put in mason jars and find other “plan B” stuff for our upcoming family visit next month. So now we’re in the planning stages of doing things, So I’ll leave you the pretty pictures of today, and tonight starts up a new season of Dancing With The Stars and it’s also the season finale of Breaking Pointe. Have a good day tomorrow! (:

The crayons we used for the first pumpkin.
The crayons we used for the first pumpkin.



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