Ketchup With Us: Movie Scene

Looks like I’m going to have three posts today after all! Today Mel and Michele are asking what scene from a movie would you want to recreate. I’ve been racking my mind all day about what movie and what scene I would choose, and it’s hard to pick just one. Mel had picked a scene from the movie, Die Hard and Michele chose the three different scenes from three different movies. I had some thoughts about recreating the scene where Marty and Doc send Enie and the time machine to the future in the first Back To The Future movie, but I don’t have a time machine and I don’t trust anybody but Dr. Emmett Brown. Haha! I do have little dreams of “saving the day” and I have to shoot a gun and kill the enemies. even in my wheelchair and they still happen. Now the challenge is I have to figure out how to write the scene I’d want to recreate

I picked the move Underworld Awakening. I’m just adding this, I think Selene cares very deeply about the ones she loves, and if she truly lost Michael I think she would kill herself in the aftermath, but that’s just my opinion.

“I already have a strong sense of love over people but I am shy and timid. I would like to look that good in leather and have blue eyes. I would love to command control of a room that powerful to have everybody afraid that if you get in my way, I will fuck you up.”

4 thoughts on “Ketchup With Us: Movie Scene

  1. Dude! That is an incredible film clip. I’ve never seen it. Thanks for sharing. I bet you already look great in leather. And for the blue eyes, just go get some colored contacts. I’ve worn ’em lots of times. It’s fun to keep people guessing. 😉

    Thanks for linking up again, Meghan.


    1. It’s an awesome movie! I’ve actually never had leather on before, my mom’s scared that if I get leather leggings that they may never come off!! Lmao!

      You’re welcome! 😀


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