Almost To The End Of The Pumpkins

It’s been another long day full of pumpkins and being creative. After tomorrow, my nana and I will be officially done with them. Tomorrow we’re going to be doing the big one for my mom’s front porch. While my mom and dad were away for the day, we spent our time in the kitchen doing these pumpkins. After spending twenty minutes on Friday melting the crayons on the other pumpkin and all that, we were kind of bored. I don’t think we should have complained because today we worked our butts off and got two pumpkins done in probably two hours or so. I may be wrong about that, but I’m not for sure. Anyways, we did two pumpkins and we mainly used our creative side to the extreme today, along glued and glittered our fingers and toes for the rest of the time. It was all fun though! By the end of our time together our bodies hurt and my toes were red and sore from doing everything. We did my nana’s pumpkin first and she wanted hers to have a face and look cutesy. We used an old case of railroad paint my dad probably bought a few years ago and tried that out and we also used yellow, black and hot pink nail polish. We actually used paint brushes today too! I was never good at paint in my art classes in school, but the one thing we had a problem was the black paint and glue running down her eyes twice. I’m just happy the glitter wasn’t that big of a deal as its been for the last couple of times we’ve used it.


After we completed the first one. We took a break and I ate cheese puffs, because I was running out of energy. Luckily this time around, I actually ate lunch and that kept me going for a bit. When I was finished I figured I’d get some of the stuff that my nana forgot to grab. Getting these things off the counter and floor almost landed me on the floor. That would have been hard to explain. Usually I have good balance whether or not I’m in the push wheelchair or not. I have to push things out-of-the-way, but thankfully they’re not that heavy for me to move over. My nana found fabric paint the other day, she had a lavender and gold paints. We used those two for my pumpkin. We tried to use it the normal way, but they were both too difficult for me to do, so we ended having to take off the top off the gold paint and use a paint brush to put it on. My nana had to teach me how to work it on, since it wasn’t very thick at first. I started brushing it on and making the letters for it. After I was finished, like literally! My legs were done when I finished with the last letter. She ended giving them an extra coat since she’s worked with it before. She’s also the one to squirt the lavender polka dots on the tops. They we’re supposed to be swirls, but that didn’t happen and I was quite all right with that.


I was so glad when we finished with that last one. My feet were hurting so much. I find it interesting that I can’t get any inspiration to do my regular drawings, but these pumpkins are my other outlet. I think my nana also likes it too. I think my mom just likes it because it makes porch look pretty. Last year, when I decorated the pumpkins I felt like I was a little kid again coloring on a pumpkin with a marker. Now I just feel like a creative person. It’s also nice to actually follow through with one of my never-ending ideas for once. I haven’t done that since I did my Linkin Park drawings, but I think it’s because my nana wants to do it too, so it’s helping me reach for that mini achievement for the both of us. Now we’re going to start planning for our holiday stuff for October and December. Boy, my family is going to be thinking we’re crazy by the end of the next two or three months.

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