My Pain Killer

For some odd reason, I wanted to tweet about my new thought that has been completed after so many years. I’ve been into rock/metal music for three or four years now and I’ve always wondered why I have been so late getting into some of these bands. In 2009, when my sister and mom got me into both Linkin Park and Skillet, there was an endless list of music, merch, pictures, and videos of them on tour on YouTube. I didn’t know it at the time, but when my cousin got me into Hollywood Undead, it was a “new” band but I don’t think I was as into them as I thought, because I honestly don’t remember going that crazy with them and wanting to know about them and look on YouTube like the others. And this was before my cousin and I found out they wore masks in photo shoots, on tour and videos. So it wasn’t that big of a deal back then. I always got into bands if they had some track record and it’s weird, because half the time I just got into them by their sound and didn’t care if they were new or not, because I thought if they were “metal” I would stay away from them. but I was wrong,

I had sent four or five tweets on my Twitter just five minutes ago about why I don’t like getting into “newer” bands:

“I finally have a good excuse to never be sorry for getting into a band late. If you get into a new band too early and you fall as deep as you do for bigger bands with say 5-6 years, they have more albums, merch, etc. So when you fall for a new band you have to wait and they release something soon whether it be another album, single, merch, and tour.”

My Butcher Babies obsession is about the break me apart. There isn’t “enough” for me to want and get yet. I feel like I’m running out. It kind of feels like going through withdrawals with a drug. I’ve always heard of people comparing the two together, so that’s the reason why I say it like that. It’s kind of the same thing that happens to my international bands that I happened to get into and love. I know the majority of them will probably never come around here. It all depends on the venues and popularity. My favorite genre is symphonic metal and it seems like there isn’t hardly any bands from the U.S. that are in that genre of music. There’s a rock opera band called Upon Wings from the U.S, but they are still fairly new as well. They don’t have an album out, just an EP. Which is pretty good by the way! I think I like the adventure and obsession I get into finding different things like fun interviews and videos from big and popular bands on YouTube and meeting other fans in the fandoms, but it’s difficult to meet ones who are not as obsessed such as myself. I know I don’t seem “obsessed” with band members but I secretly am, I just don’t go off the deep end like some do. I keep myself controlled and try to be the less annoying fan on a daily basis. When it comes to Butcher Babies, it’s becoming a bit of a challenge, but I’m doing pretty good.

What about you? Have you ever noticed if getting newer bands gets you depressed about not getting that excitement you would from waiting for a release for a few months, or do you not care at all?