George the Pumpkin!

We did it! And without burning down the house in the process. We didn’t do what I had seen on Pinterest, with using a lighter and lighting each one and then placing them on the pumpkin. Leave that up to the professionals, or say the ones who feel more comfortable with a lighted match. My nana had sent me a video from YouTube the other day of how to do it, and if you want the video go here. One of the things on the video was to soak the crayons in a cup full of water before tearing the wrapper off it. Well, that kind of worked for us. It worked for the ones who were still wet from that morning of soaking. I had a hard time getting periwinkle unwrapped with my toes. My nana did majority of them and I didn’t have much energy to mess with a stinking crayon. I mostly broke the crayons in half and she broke them smaller if they weren’t small enough. The video said to use a hot glue gun to place them on the pumpkin, but not too high on the pumpkin. So we kind of estimated to put them really. We did it in two sides that way we knew how much to use. We actually have a lot more left over for next week or Sunday. I wanted to use the blue and purple ones first, but only grabbed one purple crayon. I don’t know how that happened. 

Here are the crayons on top of the pumpkin. 


Here is the first area after finishing it.


When we were working on the other side, my papaw came in from the other room and I think he was kind of amazed how the crayons were melting on the pumpkin so well. He literally stayed there, sipping his coffee and occasionally looking at our new masterpiece. Once we were officially done with the pumpkin. She unplugged everything and I began to feel VERY tired. Between not getting any sleep last night, waking up at 7:30am, going to my mom’s work for her meeting, and then lastly therapy. The entire day about wore my ass out. I was surprised this even happened today because I didn’t have any energy at all. Even with the ice cream, sugar can only go so far! Here it is, almost 6:30pm and I am surprised I am even awake now. If I don’t get any sleep tonight I’ll be pissed. So I leave you with the last picture of our handsome pumpkin. I think my nana can agree with me when I say her burned thumbs were worth it. Meet George the Pumpkin! (: