That’s A Pumpkin Of A Different Color

Yesterday, I did a post about decorating my mom’s punky pumpkin with glitter and hot pink and black nail polish. We didn’t have regular paint so we used what we had. You’ve probably heard about what we’re doing on Friday too. If you haven’t read my post from yesterday, on Friday my nana and I are melting crayons on the pumpkin with a blow dryer. When I got up this morning, she was chatting with me on Facebook about it. She even sent me a video from YouTube of a nice tutorial of how to properly do it. Plus a few things we never thought about doing too! Here is the video she found and that I think we both watched at the same time in two different areas of town. It was weird I’ve got to say!

We also wanted to go by the cute, fun and quite interesting names of the crayons., We literally made a list. And I have no idea if we’ll even use all of these colors that we have in the baggy or not, but the names are kind of hilarious. You have the simple one word names like: Green, Plum, Black, Copper, Yellow, Lavender, Peach, White and Fuchsia. There was even two that stand out the most of the list. There is a crayon in the baggy that doesn’t have a wrapper on it, so we are calling it “Blank” and I know that’s the most awful name to call a crayon that we don’t know what the name of it is. The second one is definitely red, but it’s not from the brand that every crayon is from. This one is from Red Lobster. When my sister and I were kids we were practically raised on going to Red Lobster, every year on my birthday I get told that I knew my grandparents were eating at Red Lobster because the day before and day of I arrived my grandparents went there to eat, but never got a chance to. And I say, sorry every year too!

The other colors are named:

  1. Deep Purple                 21. Perfect Purple                                      41. Green Yellow
  2. Sea Green                     22. Mahogney                                             42. Peacock Blue
  3. Timber Wolf               23. Blue Violet                                            43. Cotton Candy Pink
  4. Liquid Gold                24. Purple Passion                                      44. Burnt Orange
  5. Coal Black                   25. Wisterta                                                 45, Teal Blue
  6. Tree Bark Brown        26. Sugar Plum                               46.  Outrageous Orange
  7. Grape Vine Purple          27. Grass Green                                           47. Sunglow
  8. Cadet Blue                     28. Cerulean                                                 48. Carnation Pink
  9. Blizzard Blue               29. Camp Fire                                              49. Wild Watermelon
  10. Tan                                 30. Melon                                                     50. Robin’s Eye Blue
  11. Goldenrod                   31. Olive Green                                            51. Apricot
  12. Marvelous                   32. Hot Magenta                                          52. Salmon
  13. Indian Red                     33. Rose Bud Pink                                      53. Playin’ Da Blues
  14. Parywinkly                 34. Pink Orchid                                           54. Jellybean Blue
  15. Chocolate                     35. Magic Mint                                            55. Key Lime Pie
  16. Sephia                            36. Ocean Blue                                            56. Electric Lime
  17. Baby Blue                       37. Lazer Lemon                                         57. Thistle
  18. Sky Blue                       38. Vivid Tangerine                                     58. Radical Red
  19. Spring Green                39. Blue Green                                            59. Tumbleweed
  20. Taco                         40. Yellow Green                                         60. Purple Piazz

Trifecta Writing Challenge: Mask

Rules for Trifecta Writing Challenge:

Write a piece for the word, using the third definition. The piece must be no less than 33 words and no more than 333 words. You have to use the word given to you.

It’s been 17 years since the world was very much destroyed.
The enemies had won, they had taken over the land.
I think we also let our pretty planet Earth down as well.
She has been polluted for some many years that she has decided to give some of it back..
At least she still likes a few of us still, since she hasn’t taken away our oxygen yet.
If you were to go outside for a period of time, you have to wear a mask and full outfit to protect yourself.
In all honestly, the safest place for you is in doors.
At first, when people were hearing it on the news of the deaths of people who had died of inhaling toxic.
My uncle just thought everybody was kidding about it so he walked out his front door and died right there as he made the last step off the porch.
People started blaming our enemies, when it was really us who had done it.
Earth doesn’t kid around, I’m sure doing this wouldn’t be the only thing she’ll do to the ones who live here.
I begin to isolate myself and had my mom switch my curtains to black linings.
After the enemies issued a full requirement in every household, if you had to go outside you had to wear the masks and body suit.
My folks wear it going to work and everywhere else.
My little cousin even has one and she’s only two.
I don’t have a suit, because I am never leaving this house again.