The Punky Pumpkin

Well, it’s not a day that I went to therapy first, but I did get to spend a couple of hours at my nana’s. We had some unfinished business we needed to do before Friday’s adventure with the blow dryer. We had to finish writing out the names of the crayons we’re using (well, we might be using now) and we literally have a whole bag full of them. But before we finished that, we decorated my mom’s pumpkin first. I think after seeing the first pumpkin, I think my mom was a little jealous and so I told her since it didn’t really take that long for everything to dry, that we could do another glittery pumpkin for her. So instead of bringing one, we brought two. My mom had made the suggestion of using nail polish as a substitute for paint, and so she packed up four different colors of polish and put them in a baggy, just in case they worked. Well, they did! The smell is annoying and strong, but you get over it after a while though. I painted the top of the pumpkin in hot pink polish. I had to use two or three coats to make sure the pink was noticeable. It dried rather quickly, and we moved on to the glue and glitter. We somehow lost our plastic spoon we used yesterday and had to use the two spoons my nana has previously used before. I had to remind myself that I shouldn’t feel so bad since when we were kids, we used these spoons to dig in the front yard. So they’ve been through worse things than glue and glitter!

I tried to guide the glue underneath the dried pink nail polish but that was easier said than done. Most of it worked, but all of the glitter that had glue on it was being tossed every which way and so there are some glitter on the pink part, but it looks pretty good otherwise! After that we tried gather some of the loose glitter that ended up on the foil on the spoon and sprinkle it on, but that was also easier said than done too! Nothing has to be perfect, but when you’re already a perfectionist, it’s hard to break the spell. I’m just happy the glue we used dries clear. That means all that’ll be seen is the glitter. It’s like magic to little kids, that question of “how did they get it to stick to it?” After a short break, I got another idea of painting the stem with black nail polish. My nana has two bottles of black nail polish, so I knew I could use one of them and instead of doing the entire stem. I just did the bottom stem since I didn’t know how long until it would dry before my mom came to pick me up. The entire thing dried quickly surprisingly! Once we knew we were done with that, I pulled it to the side so I could finish writing out the names of the crayons and we discussed about how to do “George: The Pumpkin” and by the way, my nana named it. I had nothing to do with it. This other pumpkin is named “The Punky Pumpkin” and it’s a bit of a tongue twister too! We’re doing our next project on Friday!

Here is how the “Punky Pumpkin” looks: