My Nana’s Glitter Pumpkin

Usually on the weekends, if my mom works, I am bored out of my skull and lonely. My nana and I discussed this today and it seemed to make a lot of sense. Every time I have therapy, I usually spend an hour with them. They work me out and we talk about everyday things, regular girly things. Once therapy is over, my mom takes me over to my nana’s and I eat my lunch and have a chat and we’ve doing little things every once in a while. My nana thinks that maybe doing both of these things every week, is making a void of being lonely and bored. Now granted it’s not every weekend that I am like this. I can still get depressed and stuff on the weekends and the weekdays when my mom works, but I like having a break and actually not minding being bored and finding something to do, like reading. Which was what I did yesterday, after so many weeks, I finally read three chapters yesterday afternoon. I was so happy for myself!

My nana have made different designs on our nails and even made a mini pompom. They were cute! Now it’s the second week of September, and my mom had spent both Thursday and Friday of last week getting pumpkins for our porch. Well, I told my nana about them and of course, she wanted one. Especially after when I told her that I wanted to decorated them. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do, but I somehow lost that pin on Pinterest and I seriously can’t find it anymore. I found two other ones instead. The first was to make a glittery pumpkin and the other one was to melt crayons on the pumpkins, so that the color drips down the sides of it. Well, I thought the glitter would be smart to do first, since it seemed like it was easy to do. Well, it ended up being a little bit harder to do since my nana broke the glue bottle cap. I was actually happy my nana keeps any plastic forks, knifes, spoons we get from fast food places in town, because they were basically our best friends. She poured some of glue out into a small plastic bowl and I used a spoon to drip the glue onto the pumpkin. My original idea was to do a big swirl, but that didn’t exactly work out. After I put the glue on, she basically drowned in glitter. After a few minutes, I decided to work on the sides and she sprinkled some glitter onto a spoon and tossed it everywhere–literally! You should see her floor right now! On Friday, we’re going to attempt the crayon DIY. Instead of using a lighter, we’re going to use a blow dryer. I’m going over tomorrow to help write out the names of crayons (we went by the names instead of their color) and going to try to peel off the paper too!

Here is the pictures of the pretty pumpkin!