#FWF – The Fall Season


The prompt is a WORD BANK and I love these!

foliage – amber – wicker – aroma – sweater – cocoa

The first couple of football games you go to, you are dreading the scorching heat on your back and on those hard metal bleachers. You don’t understand why you go, because you don’t understand the positions or the excitement. It’s like every Friday night; we lose and the little kids whose parents are too busy talking to their friends are driving you insane as they run around you and jump on things they shouldn’t. By halftime starts, the sun has went down and the air gets colder. You’re thanking God that it’s time for a break and go out to your car and get blankets and jackets for the next half of the game. When I was in school, all throughout the four years was the games during September and October were my favorites. Even the intense back pain I would get through those two months were the worst, the atmosphere was different. Everybody wasn’t wearing flip-flops and shorts anymore. They were walking around in sweaters and blue jeans. Some were prepared for the cold night out and would usually bring two jackets and a blanket with them just in case. For the ones who thought, “eh, it’s not going to get that cold.” They were the sorry bunch wearing the cut off shirts with shorts. And all you wanted to do was smack them upside the head.

If you thought about walking around during halftime, you would get hushed by the parents of the band that was performed on the field. The football players, coaches, and the rest were in the dug out. Probably getting yelled at and losing their optimistic for the rest of the game. You know they try their best, but sometimes it’s not enough. For the ones who go up the gate to watch the band, are usually watching them. They’re looking at the dark sky and finding hidden stars. The aroma gets stronger by the people and kids wondering behind you with their yummy food from concessions. You’ve got your usual:¬†nachos, popcorn, candy bars, but by then different organizations are putting up sales of different treats. In the fall, it’s not uncommon to find dirt pudding cups or caramel apples. Sometimes one club was nice enough to make hot chocolate for those really cold evenings. Now everytime my mom went to the games, I would have to beg for her to get me some nachos. It’s a Friday and I am actually craving though right about now. Not a good thing. Anyways, everything seems brighter in the evenings, the lights are really bright. Everybody is walking back and forth from their seats before the game begins again. All of the teenagers seem to think they rule the sidewalk. Most of them are good about moving over and then there are some that need a little help in that area. It was always fun to run over the ones that were stupid enough to wear flip-flops. I know that’s mean, but it’s the truth! Running over little old men are not so fun though.¬†

This is my first year not going to any high school football games. When I was in eighth grade, I had a boyfriend and he played on the middle school football team. So if the girlfriends were going to the game after school, then they usually asked their boyfriends if they can wear their practice Jersey. Well, I went to my first football game and got to wear a football jersey like every other girlfriend that walked around in the hallways did. Within two months, he broke up with me. Freshman year, I was obsessed with football, but I never really learned the positions or how everything works. I even did Powder Puff not knowing how football worked. It was awkward, but you never knew it. Nowadays, it’s not about football, as much as I miss the food and my friends. I know it’s not necessary for me to go. In the next few weeks, the leaves will turn amber and yellow colors. And for some odd reason, the air always smells better in the fall. I don’t know how or why, but it does.