Well, I’ve had a dull day. My sleep is STILL messed up, but it’s not so bad *knocks on wood* and I’ve basically did everything I did two days ago, watch TV and listen to music. I’m still not in the mood to read any of my books. I’ve watched both Mistresses and Breaking Pointe from last night. I love both of them, but I’m ready for my Fall/Winter shows to be back on. Tomorrow morning on GMA they are going to announce who’s dancing on this season’s Dancing With The Stars. I am so excited but yet, I have to go to at therapy a half hour afterwards. Speaking of therapy, my mom and I were sent home last week to try out the transfers from the floor to the bed and somehow record it, while my sister was in town. Well, we never got to do that. Leave it to my mom after she got home from work, did she have the energy to do it. I wasn’t prepared and I wish I had my dad help us move to decem back when I got away from it, but I didn’t do very good with it. I don’t think today was my day at all. The only good thing I got today was play with our cat Oliver and listen to all of the new music that came out today. 

Tomorrow is another day. ♥