Another Long Day Again.

Happy Labor Day! I have had another long, but this time involved me getting out of the house for a long period of time. So it wasn’t that bad. Since I messed up my sleep routine yesterday, I have been trying to stay awake for another few hours. I’ve already got both of my shows taping so if I wake up in the middle of the night like I did this morning, then I’ll have something to watch. I had taped two episodes of Unique Sweets and Animal Planet’s Mermaids: The New Evidence!! Yup, I had seen it preview on TV the other day and had already decided to watch it, but I thought I’d forget. Nope! I watched the last hour of the first documentary that aired last year and had taped the new one so I could change my channel and listen to my iPod. Trust me, it was very difficult to do that. I was practically glued to the TV the whole time. It’s kind of like my obsession over Big Foot, but I’m never around a sea or ocean to ever see one of these creepy things! We assume too much! I showed my mom the last half of it and she kind of made fun of me after I told her not to, but my dad thought it was pretty cool! I’m actually on him to come in here to watch the part about The Real Mermaid pictures.

Enough talk about the mermaids, Blondie is back in her dorm room safe and sound, ready for another week. We’ve done nothing but hung out with my grandparents and then we took the three-hour drive (there and back) and my butt sat in the front seat. I honestly don’t know which seat is more uncomfortable, front or back seat. I had to have my mom give me some medicine for my back. It just ached so much. We actually got to go into my sister’s dorm room today, her roommate also went home this past weekend. She wasn’t back at that time and after they rearranged their room around after getting moved in, it was more homey and spaced out well for just two girls. This time it was a lot easier to get through, even though my mom was the one who said that and she was the first one to bawl her eyes out. Good one mom! I didn’t cry and I’m glad I didn’t, because I know in a couple of weeks I’ll see her again and I can get back to texting her all the time again. It’s weird, while she was here, I didn’t have to text her before I went to sleep and she was actually doing things for me around the house. After spending two weeks without her, it was creepy, but in a good way! On Friday, we had found this nice radio station that was called New Modern Rock and I loved it! Today, we couldn’t find it anywhere and my mom and I had resort to the two pop channels that actually worked. Our local channels kept cutting out on us so that sucked.

All right, I think I’m done for the day. I don’t know what I’m going to do now, but I’ll probably listen to music. It’s not my bedtime yet. No where, near close! So good night and have a good day tomorrow readers! (: