September 1st

Tomorrow is like the first Monday in two weeks, where I don’t have therapy. It’s only because it’s a holiday, so it’s safe to say tomorrow is going to be boring as hell. Yuck! I have no idea what’s really wrong with me today. I have been feeling the blues and I’m thinking it’s the weather’s fault. Last night, we had a pretty large storm and it had woken me up. I’m happy I no longer sleep next to the window. By the time my mom had gotten up to look at the alerts on TV, it was calming down and within five minutes of knowing she was up, I went back to sleep only to be up again five or six hours later so my mom could take me to the bathroom before she left to go to work. I stayed up for an hour and then went back to bed, when I got back up again it was 1pm. Good one Meghan. I’ve been doing my writing challenges, listening to music and my dad taped the first Rush Hour last night or the day before and I’ve been watching that and actually just finished it. Now I’m bored and hurting. It’s like a golden color outside in the clouds. I love when the colors change after a storm. It goes from gold, pink, purple, blue to black. It’s my kind of rainbow.

I kind of hated, but liked this weekend. We went to bring back my sister for the weekend on Friday. When we went out to eat after picking her up, we were done eating and my mom and sis were cleaning the trays and stuff. There were these little kids and this little boy was staring and smiling down at me. His sister was curious but not as curious as him. He thought I was very cool to be driving my wheelchair with my feet. His exact words were, “That’s awesome!” He actually made my sister smile too! She went to the football game and had a lovely time with her friends, but then my mom got called into work twice and she had to work for the past two days so she hasn’t got to spend a lot of time with her. Even though that goes out the door whenever she came home from work. She got to come home early today and they are in the living room watching Paranormal Activity 4 and I’m sitting here on my bed by myself. I like sci-fi stuff, not that horror/ghost crap. Besides, it’s too late in the evening to be watching anything that creeps up on people in a dark room. I’m sorry, but I am not that brave. I have no idea what we’re doing tomorrow or what time we’re taking my sister back to her school either. I have got to spend sometime with my sister, but not a lot. I think our dog ChiChi has missed her though, because she’s been following her everywhere today and whining. And my mom thinks Oliver is bad. We still have to do those transfers before my sister leaves, just to see if I can even get my butt up on the bed or not. I’m thanking God, we didn’t do them today, because I honestly don’t think I would have made it very far before my legs would give out. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Ketchup With Us: Birthday Bash

Sunday’s are usually for “Picture It & Write” but since it’s the first of September (ALREADY?!?!) I am going to do my second entry for “Ketchup With Us” by the lovely ladies, Mel and Michele. Today’s theme is about birthdays, since they are celebrating KWU one year birthday today! I love celebrating birthdays for blogs. It’s all fun and you don’t even have to invite people over to your house to celebrate! I’d still bake a cake and get your favorite ice cream for because, and if anybody asks just lie about it and say you and your partner broke up! They’ll understand. They’re a female they’ll really understand! Anyways, I have to write about my favorite birthday bash in 57 words or less. This might get interesting since I don’t remember a whole lot of birthday parties. I know that’s bad to say, but most weren’t very memorable! The ones I don’t want to remember are still fresh in my mind. We all have those memories, right?

It was my 16th birthday. I had been sick for the past two months. My nana and sister made this cake. It was a chocolate cake covered with green coconut flakes with white icing with the outline of a football field, plus six numbers that represented my crushes on the team. That was hard to explain afterwards.