It Pays To Look Again

Well, my sister has been officially at her college for a week. This time last weekend, we were saying our goodbyes. Now this weekend she’ll be coming home and I am getting very happy! It’s so strange to not have her walk in and out of my room a hundred times to use the laptop. It’s also weird to go by her room in the mornings and the door is closed and know she’s not even in there sleeping, she’s gone to her classes instead. I’m still proud of my sister. I don’t remember much of the time I spent almost four months in St. Louis, for when I had my surgeries. I know she was worried about me and missed me, but I don’t remember much of that time about being away from her most of the time. I was probably feeling the same but I had so many distractions around me at that time that nobody knew it. Since she’s been gone, I have been listening to both Country music and Rap music off and on for the last seven days. I even watched a Behind The Music on VH1 yesterday afternoon of a rapper that I had liked WAY back. All that did was make me want to listen to the two albums I have of his and it’s been weird to listen to them and remember the joy of buying them at Wal-Mart.

Today, I was waken up by two things, a motorcycle riffing up and our dog ChiChi barking her head off. Any chance of sleeping in until noon went right out the door. I finally sat up an hour later and hooked up my mini speakers into the laptop and jammed out to get my body awake. Within a half hour later, my dad comes walking in and asks me if we have anymore blank CDs. I had no idea because I don’t normally use them anymore and I didn’t know how many CDs my mom has made since the second of August. He found one blank CD and had me make him a copy for a family friend. Honestly I was happy to do this for not him but myself too, because I needed to update my iPod and take out a lot of songs I no longer listen to and add some songs that I’ll probably listen to once and that’s it. I was in the middle of putting songs on my iPod and I found one album of an artist, but I couldn’t find the other one. I looked everything, but no luck. Well, I finally gave up and went into my room and grabbed it out of my massive CD case. I have WAY too many CDs–Did I just say that out loud? Trying to get out of my room with a CD glued to my pinkie toe was not the best thing to do. I ended up running into my desk, door (about five times), my bed, my fan (twice) and to top everything off I even ran over both of my remotes. Luckily, I didn’t break or drop anything. When I finally went back in there I opened the CD drive and realized I should probably check one last time. I looked once more and there it was, the damn CD I wanted. I just did all that work for nothing, but then again if it wasn’t in there then I would have done a good thing. I downloaded everything and found I was missing a song that I have forgotten about and it’s been YEARS since I’ve listened to it. So I told myself the next time I go to update my iPod that song is being added. It’s already checked and ready too.

So I’ve just heard that not only is N’Sync coming back tonight on the VMAs (Video Music Awards) but so is DANITY KANE! I am so overjoyed it’s unbelievable! I’m so glad the girls are coming back and did you see their new picture too? They look beautiful and fierce! I definitely have anymore excuses not to watch it tonight. However, it kind of sucks that most of the music that is nominateed isn’t what I listen to on a daily basis. Granted I do love Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, but that’s mostly it. Thankfully metal is too raw to go mainstream. Even though I do get excited to see both Linkin Park get played on the “pop” stations every once in a while. By the way, do you remember this song?