#FWF — The Fires Of Spring

This week’s prompt on Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday was to pick a title from the ones given. If you click on the image above it will take you to her website and you can do yours too! This had to take me some time to figure out. I finally got it though. I have to thank Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood for the inspiration I got for this story. Here you go and I hope you enjoy this fiery little tale.


It was just another sleepless night. I could hear the crickets outside and the occasionally car fly by on the road. I slept on the couch because it is too much to walk upstairs to the master bedroom. I don’t want to sleep in that king size bed by myself. I know where he is. I always where he ends up. Even thought he comes home in the morning and makes me breakfast, I always know where he’s been and I swear if he thinks cooking me a fancy breakfast in the mornings after he’s been with her, will make things fine, he’s got another thing coming. I turn onto my back and fight back my stubborn tears that want to run down my cheeks. I hate him for what he’s done and always thinks I’ll take him back. All of a sudden, I hear footsteps coming up to my door and then I hear him having trouble finding his key to unlock the door. When it unlatched, he thinks he’s in the clear until he goes to open the door fully. He’s not strong enough to get it open, then a small grin forms on my face. I put the chain on the door to make sure that no burglars get in to the house, “Carey!” He slurs his words but it’s loud as hell. Both of our dogs Minnie and George raise their heads and see daddy peaking his head through the door. I couldn’t have a small dog because they bite. Right now, I wish both of them learned quick about their daddy and his cheating ways weren’t in their mommy’s plan in life.

“Carey! Please wake up! You locked me out!” I was still lying on the couch with a hand over my mouth holding in my laughter. It wasn’t doing any good, because I knew he could hear me. “Come one, baby! It’s cold out here!” I toss the blankets off of me and get up on my feet. I push the door forward with such force that I hear a big thud. When I unchained the door and opened the door, there was my drunk, unfaithful boyfriend lying on the concrete holding his head. The dogs rushed to his rescue, but he wasn’t going to get any sympathy out of me. “Thank you. Why did you lock it for?” He said as he sat up and started walking past me. I got a good whiff of cologne and sweet strawberry lotion on his body. It just angered me to the core that I knew if I asked about it, he would just deny it and walk away from me. He gave me this smile that told me he was still drunk enough that he couldn’t see my anger raging inside. He tried to come neat me, but the smell of booze on his breath turned me off completely. I pushed him away and he got angry with me, “what’s the matter with you now?” He finally said as he stumbled into the kitchen. Thank god for the walls for holding him up. “Nothing. I’m just really tired.” He walked over to the counter and grabbed the rag and ran it over the water, once it was damp he put it over his eyes. A little thought formed that now would be a good time to kill him. Before she had time to act, he threw the rag into the sink again. He was still smiling and then walked out of the kitchen. “So, are you come upstairs and sleep with me?” He said, I didn’t know what he was meaning with that question, but I told him no. “Fine, I’ll be in that bed all by myself. Maybe in the morning I’ll make you pancakes or something. Sounds nice?” I ignored him and walked back over to the couch, got underneath the covers and cried silently inside.

It was 8:04am, it was still too early to tell if he was awake or not. The dogs sure were, since they were whining to go out. I sat up and put on my half soaked slippers, the dogs seem to think they don’t have enough toys in the house. I let them out and noticed my cheating boyfriend wasn’t awake. Well, so much for making breakfast. I started walking up the stairs and went into the master bedroom. He wasn’t in there. I heard the shower running and it automatically made me want to go pee, but I didn’t want to go in there while he’s in there. He may not be drunk anymore, but he gets pretty horny in the mornings. I don’t want his fifthly hands all over me. All I had to do was do my business and grab a few things. He shouldn’t be too bad. I walked in and he didn’t even bother shutting the curtain. “Hey, babe! You wanna join me?” I couldn’t say anything to him, so I just shook my head “no” and I don’t know what happened next, but it was Gage,  maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on him for cheating with a bitch like me. Where did that thought form? After we were finished, I quickly dried off and grabbed my stuff really fast. He looked at me funny, “are we going on a trip?” He said, “I am, but you might be going to hell.”

He rolled his eyes at me and shook his head about a hundred times. You know in his mind, he just said “not this shit again,” but yup! If I’m going to leave his ass for good I’m going to make him look like a fool one last time. I already took the pleasure of packing three bags worth of shit and they were already in my car, just ready to leave. I had one last surprise for him though, “that girl, Mackenzie, you go see after work. Well, she went through your phone last night and I guess saw how your phone had me as your background picture, but not only did you have my number in your phone, but she counted 25 other girl phones in your phone as well! She doesn’t want to see your ass anymore, just so you know.” Once I finished talking, he gave me his best shot and all I heard next was, “I don’t know any “Mackenzie” baby!” I grabbed my purse from the floor and the dog leases from the dresser. “Oh, don’t take the dogs with you too! They love me the way I am.” I flipped around and grabbed a plastic bottle from my purse and took off the top, and sprayed it down the stairs. When I dropped the container at his feet I slapped in the face and stomped out of the house, “Come on Minnie and George, come to mommy” Both dogs were still out in the back but came around the front to see my finale. My ex boyfriend was still standing on top of the stairs with a blank look on his face.

It wasn’t until I grabbed the package of matches from my pocket where he got worried about his safety. “Carey, baby, now don’t do anything stupid! Just please let me explain.” I lit the match and the flame looked so innocent burning down the stick, “I will drop this on the floor in 3 seconds. Give me your best shot honey.” The dogs ran for the car and instead of explaining his wrong doing, he walked closer to me. “Counting down, 3…………..2…………..1” His eyes got wide as I dropped the match onto the floor and the fire spread out throughout not only the stairs but the other rooms. Destroying any evidence of the life we once had together and  he started screaming like a little girl. It was fun to watch but I had to get out of there before the police found me and took me in for his wrong doings. The dogs eagerly got into the car as fast as they could and she walked into her car and started it up. She drove away with leaving a small reminder to never underestimate a woman’s rage, she rolled down the window and smiled but also gave him the finger as he ran out of the house without his towel that he left before in the burning house. Five minutes later, not only did she pass both the police and fire department, she said goodbye to the life she had and drove out into the sunset.