Poetry: I Saw Your Ghost Today

I saw your ghost today…
You still look the same, but your eyes were covered.
I didn’t see your smile or hear your laughter, so I don’t know if it was really you.
You are not supposed to be in town.
You are in the heavens looking down at all of us, hanging out with God.
I saw the sky turn a baby blue and it made me think of you.
The way I thought of you a few years ago.
I never thought I’d miss you because in retrospect I didn’t mean much to you.
You are still in my dreams, making your way around into a circle.
You never seem to stay into the deeper part of my mind like you should.
I don’t want to let you go, but I have to move on and create another love.

Still Have A Creative Buzz

Soooooooo… I’m at home today and it’s been pretty boring. I think I’ve had too much energy and since I was out and about in the last three days that my body just doesn’t want to rest at all. I don’t have as much energy as I did yesterday, but I do have some interesting confidence floating around in my body. I’ve done nothing but thank about my nana’s nails last night and this morning. When I did my post about it yesterday, I went into detail about how I did them and I pretty much gave all of my credit to the ladies at therapy, but I don’t think I really explained why I was so proud of myself. In elementary, I could never reach the tables were everybody did their work on, I had to sit on top of the tables and I had quite a lot of space to do my work. When I started taking art in middle and high school, I had my own desk and with each semester I would either have a large desk or a skinny one. Of course, drawing always worked out great for me, but painting and doing anything in clay was a disaster! I had to either deal with it or have somebody else make it for me. It was difficult for me to deal with it and have somebody else create it for me. When my dad and I made these DIY Christmas gifts last year, he practically did them all, I just had to read off instructions. I felt like I was back in middle school again and felt left out.

Yesterday’s nail thingy was totally out of blue as it gets. It was last-minute and surprised the heck out of both my nana and myself. It was my first DIY project by myself and I definitely don’t want it to not only be the last but not be the only one I can do. Pinterest has been my lifeline for easy DIY projects. It was the reason why I wanted to do special Christmas gifts last year. This year I’m not waiting around, I mean it is almost September, two more months after that, it’ll be December. I don’t want to waste any time in finding out what a person would like. I am wanting to do something small for my sister while she’s at college, so I found something today that I might do. I don’t know if she’s been reading my posts on here since she moved, so just in case, I’m keeping hers a surprise! I have also found some ideas for my room for like organizing with using recycled items. I’ve done that before and I have a bookshelf that has a lot of stuff in it and I would love to organize that better! I’ve got a lot of stuff in my head, and even got more ideas for nail art with using eye shadow! I love being creative sometimes!