The Bumblebee Nails


So today is Monday and it definitely wasn’t like last week, where I was miserable because of mother nature, instead I had all of this energy and I don’t know how I got it. Well, I think I know how I got like half of it. Last night was my first night of knowing my sister wasn’t coming home in later on in the evening or the morning, So when I got up this morning, I got online and after a bit, my sister tweeted me saying “I had fun at therapy today” and I think that was when my mood switched around. Usually I like to depend on Five Finger Death Punch, Device or Linkin Park songs to get me pumped in the morning, but I never heard anything and instead of listening to them I had Butcher Babies kick and that might’ve done the rest for me. Now I’m getting tired! I’ve done a lot than besides therapy today. I went to my nana’s after she got back from her doctor’s appointment. I went over there and talked our heads off about different things and ate chips and ice cream. Not the ideal lunch, but I wasn’t feeling anything else, so that’s how that happened.

After about an hour or so, I finally had some guts and I wanted to test out my old feet for something I used to do a long time ago! When I was at Shriner’s I used to paint my roommate’s nails and some of the nurses’ nails too! I haven’t done in a while! But I wanted to do an experiment using my nana as my guinea pig. She was a good sport really! I have been looking at Pinterest for ideas on designing nails designs at home. I liked one that you painted your nails one color and let them dry. After they were done, cut strips of tape and put them on top of the nails and paint over them with another color. So I thought I’d try it out on my nana, since she has wanted black and yellow strips for a reason I just don’t want to say. Sorry Nana! Anyways, she got out the stuff and put it on the kitchen table. While she left to go do something, I thought I’d be nice and shake them up and when she came back in, she undid them and cut up the strips of tape for me. She was also the one who came up with putting the newspaper on the floor just in case, I spilled anything, which was nice because I had two drops of yellow on there. When I finally got started painting her nails with the first coat, I think I said “I’m sorry” about a hundred times today, and when they dried I put the tape on her nails and hoped for the best on the first two nails. Just to see how it looked. The thumb looked awesome but the second finger was awful! But like I kept telling myself throughout the whole thing that it was my first time I’ve ever done that. I was trying to cut myself a break and it did work out pretty good!

What do you think?



Not bad for a girl who does things with her feet, huh?

I couldn’t believe that I did that all on my own. Granted my nana helped out some, but the painting itself was all me! I am going to continue to work on finding more things to do with homemade nail designs. Thank God for Pinterest for bringing out my creative side! Oh, and something I’ve had a hard time with is balancing and trying to do that in a push wheelchair is difficult but trying to balance and painting and putting strips of tape on the nails at the same of balancing was really testing me. I also usually get pain in my lower back whenever I do things like lifting up my legs and they didn’t hurt as bad either! That excercise ball is really working wonders for me! I am pretty proud of myself today on what I did. Now I’m going to go and lie down, I am getting tired, but I have two hours until my shows tonight start-up and I have already told myself that I was going to read a couple of chapters today. So hope you had a wonderful Monday! And enjoy tomorrow too!