Car Rides

I love car rides. I think I like sitting in the backseat more than sitting in the front. Even though the whole purpose of me sitting up in the front is because it’s difficult to get me in and out. So when I get the chance to sit in the back, secretly I get excited inside. I like looking around when we go for car rides. I’ve always loved it, it was always so soothing to me and I didn’t understand why. I like to look at these old and sometimes abandoned building and properties that are very ugly from the ones next door. It’s really different to go for car rides now, because I think there’s an age limit to try to get a semi to honk their horn while riding inside the car. Also, iPods are very popular to use that way nobody is complaining about the radio station the whole way there.

Well, today has been an interesting day. Everybody in my family and friends knows about my sister leaving for college and everybody is worried about her and stuff like that, because she’s going to a school far away, but it’s not THAT far away and she’s in the same state. Something I thought about this morning, was that the last time we were separated for a long period of time was when I went to have my surgeries in 2002. That was a long time ago. This week will be the first surgery’s anniversary, it will be 11 years. It still gets me every once in a while that I’ve had these rods in my back for that long. I stayed at Shriner’s for almost four months. I think my sister either comes home for Fall break the last week of October or the middle of November. I don’t remember which month or days it is, but on our way home today I was literally thinking in my head, How many days until is Fall break?

I was very happy that I didn’t cry like I thought I would. I’m usually the one that doesn’t cry easily, but I kind of figured this might break me in half. I did break Friday night, but I did something stupid though, I was listening to my iPod in the middle of the night and I was listening to “Don’t Forget To Remember Me” by Carrie Underwood and I got through the first verse and chorus, but that was it. One little tear came out of my eye-ball and then I changed the song and I was better again. When we were saying our goodbyes, my mom was on her third or fourth breakdown of the day, so she hugged second and I was last. Everybody kept telling her that to text them at certain times and I pretty much┬ájust said, “if you get bored in the middle of the night, you can just text me then.” On our way home, I was trying to liven up the mood and I told my mom that since Blondie wasn’t going to be in the car, I was going to have the whole backseat to myself and I was going to be comfortable. I was FAR from comfortable!

It’s weird to know your little sister isn’t in her room or in the living room jamming out to High School Musical and Jonas Brothers right now. Which I bet, she is really missing right now. I just reminded myself that she never showed me how to use Pandora on our TV. Oops! Oh well, she’ll be back soon. I’ll try to keep that in my head for three months. I’m probably not going to remember it then either, but still. I can’t believe it’s not like 5pm yet, the fact we’re still on the same time zone got me. I expected it to be later than it really was, but I think that was because I didn’t get much sleep last night. I am literally running on three hours of sleep and I’m still surprised I’m awake now. Okay, I’m going to stop getting sappy and do my “Picture It & Write” post like I do every Sunday. Just thought you guys deserved a real post from me, even though I’ve posted poems and stories for the past few days. I needed a nice little change. Tomorrow I’m back at therapy, so another post at the tab later on in the day. Have a nice evening, morning, and afternoon. (: