#FWF – Rodney’s Angel

walmart man
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We pulled up to the curb and let out my older kids to sit there until I found a parking spot.
I kept my youngest one in the car with me, since he’s only five years old and I guess he saw this man sitting on the curb, just waiting…
So he finally says when the doors finally shut, “mommy, why is that man doing there?”
Since I was still focused on finding a spot close by and was worried about the other cars coming around us, I didn’t really see the man there.
“I don’t know Rodney.” I said as I turned into a spot in the farthest of the store.
I walked out of the car and shut the door behind and then noticed I forgot to push the button that opens the trunk where the stroller is stored inside.
When I went to go back to open the door, it was locked.
I started shaking the door, just hoping for a miracle, but no luck.
Rodney wasn’t able to hear me very well and was actually laughing and making faces at me while his seat, thinking this was my idea.
Finally, my older kids came up to the car and asked us why I was still by the car, “I locked Rodney inside the car!” I thought my oldest son was going to come unglued with laughter.
Both of my daughters hit him in the arms to make him stop, it was the one time where I allowed them to do that and said “thank you” at the same time.
Anyways, I looked back at little Rodney still giggling in his car seat and then he started pointing, and then we heard a random voice.
“Do you need any help miss?” The man said.
Rodney’s eyes widen and my mind went back at his original question while I was worried about finding a parking spot close by.
“I locked myself out and my son is stuck inside.” I said and my oldest daughter kindly put her arm around me to calm me down.
It was a good gesture, but it felt like it was “maybe if I was caring, I might get something not on that list” move.
The man stared at the slightly open, because I forgot to raise it up beforehand and he found a stick, small enough to go inside the opening but sadly not long enough to reach the keys.
That’s when three employees from the store came out and rushed over to try to help us.
That’s when I noticed, we literally had a crowd going and I felt like the worst mother ever.
I felt like they were judging me for not opening my son’s door first, but that wasn’t part of my routine.
Yes, I have OCD and have a routine.
I don’t need you judging me too!
Anyways, after having an hour of sitting outside trying to figure out how to open the doors, the fire department was called.
Finally, a very nice man unlocks my son’s door and unhook him from his seat.
He takes him out and carries him to the truck.
They give him some water and a sucker for being so good, but his real concentration was still on the random man he saw on the corner.
“Where did that man go?” Rodney said swallowing his water, and my older kids looked around, there was still a crowd, but the random man was gone.
I started walking in the middle of the street to see if he was on the curb like before and he wasn’t.
I kneeled down toward him and said “Maybe he had somewhere to be honey.”
“Or maybe he was an angel like grandma said..” my oldest son’s wisdom was starting show its true colors.
Maybe he was an angel sent to calm me down and watch over Rodney.

21 thoughts on “#FWF – Rodney’s Angel

    1. Yes they do! Funny thing is, I had another way to go with the picture but my brain switched things around on me at the last minute. Lol

      You’re welcome dear. (:


  1. I really like that. What a terrific take on the challenge. Instead of seeing the man as a bum you saw him as an angel. I think maybe you are the angel. 🙂


  2. Oh I love this take! Really do. Inspiring and vivid. Great description, held me at every line. Rodney’s expressions and the man’s helpfulness so perfect. Angels are there…we just have to learn to see them.


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