Poetry: Grim Sleeper

sleeping in pines
Bloom in Winter by Susannah B via Flickr

She is awake, in a deep sleep.
Where in her dreams she lives.
She swirls around in the endless sun.
The ground is healthy and they continue to live until the winter comes.
The snow covered the grass and trees in white.
She never feels the ice on her feet and there’s no fog coming out of her mouth when she breathes out.
She walks and skips throughout the forest looking for her friends.
She finds a road without lines and it never ends.
In front of her is plenty of trees that homeless people could use at Christmastime.
She walks slowly towards them and the ground isn’t white there.
There’s a small rumble and all the trees tumble-down.
She is still standing and wondering why she wasn’t knocked down.
The clouds start to gather in the sky, the angels must be sad.
She doesn’t know how to feel about everything anymore.
She feels lonely in this heaven by herself.
She climbs on top one of the crumbling trees and lies down.
The pines are piercing her skin, making her bleed.
The cold comes back and her skin turns pale.
It was then she felt like she wasn’t cheerful anymore.
Like everything she touched fell at her feet.
Tears ran down her cheeks as the sadness started to take control of her heart.
She was tired for once and she closed her eyes to escape the never-ending pain in her body.

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