Book Review: Diary Of A Wanted Woman by Donnee Patrese

“We accept the love, we think we deserve.”

Leave it to me, after just adding this book to the right side of my blog on “What I’m Reading Now” I finish the damn book. It kind of figured I would finish it right after I posted it on the side anyways. So I guess it was like a good motivation to try to finish it. Honestly, that’s not the truth, I have been reading the book like crazy the last few days. It was one of those books where I liked it, but yet I hated it. It was a weird mix. I liked how it started, it had a good storyline and I actually liked almost all of the main characters. I wonder how many Hannah’s there are out in the world, who were used for all their life and then they grow up, but they think they can’t love truly and deeply to one person. I think the quote I posted above, describes Hannah Jones completely. Then again, she isn’t the only one who should have this as his motto. When you get to the second to last chapter of this book, you’ll understand what I am talking about, I’m not giving much.

Hannah has been best friends with Stacey and her baby brother David for years. She has always seen them as siblings, since she was an only child. They had the perfect life, Something she never had, and she kind of craved their life and the love of word “family.” Hannah only has two loves in her life: her career and sex. After being abandoned by her mother and her stepfather abusing her, she has searching for somebody to want her and take away everything in her life. David has feelings for her, but Hannah is over the fence about ever being with him completely. She tends to make promises she can’t keep, like not sleeping with his teammates. She thinks one of his teammates Keith Morgan is sexy as hell! But she made a promise to David. After having some rough patches at work, Stacey and Hannah ask David for some help and the girls get that help they need for their business, but one of their newer clients is Keith, and Hannah is having a hard time controlling herself. After making another promise to Stacey to keep things on a professional level, things go right to hell, like Hannah knew they would. Things get a little ugly and decisions need to be made. Will Hannah make the right choice? You have to read it to see.

I think this book was kind of like another book I read a while back. It had a very meaningful storyline and the author thought about every little detail in both Hannah’s life and the two men in Hannah’s life. I have also read a couple of books that were based on BDSM and I think this went over my limitations I had when I read Fifty Shades and I’m not even kidding here! In parts, it was a little too much for me to handle, but I kept reading it because I needed to finish it. I was already halfway through it at that point, and I couldn’t just stop reading it. It was one of those books where I was actually scared for this character and her health. She described her “adventures” with one of these guys, as Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and how sometimes they would turn off their emotions and then get very angry in the next minute and become a different person. That just freaked me out, but she enjoyed the punishments he gave her and at times she thought she deserved to be around a man like him who thought he “owned” her. So I can definitely say I DID NOT like his character whatsoever. He scared the living crap out of me. Now the other one was such a sweetie. He wants to spoil her and have her become his wife in the near future and have the perfect life. Hannah is very confused because she is so wanted by both of these guys. She can’t make up her mind which one she deserves. Mr. Hyde or The Sweetie Pie. 

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