Manic Monday

Well I have the hiccups right now and definitely exhausted from all of the fun I’ve had today. From going to therapy, getting soaked from the rain, and watching my little sister pack up her stuff for this weekend. I am still undecided what I feel about her leaving this weekend. For the past couple of nights, I’ve had to fight back tears and tell myself she won’t be gone forever. My mom has told me we’d go up and see her, but whether that means she and I or she and dad? I haven’t a clue yet. Today, while at therapy I finally said out loud that once my sister moves away, I’ll be alone. Almost everybody in my family lives up north, except my family and my grandparents. All of my friends from down here don’t really talk to me and when they do it just irritates me. I feel like my choices that I made when I quit school in 2010, was really worth it. I could have had found my soul mate and be married right now. Seems like everybody I know is engaged, married and/or having kids. I know I’ve said it before (over and over again) but it just makes me think. I have my good days that I wouldn’t change my choice for the world, but now that things are a crossroad, it makes me feel bad. Right now, I’m feeling good… even though I’ve got the hiccups. At least, they’re not the ones that hurt.

In two hours, Breaking Pointe comes on and I’m debating right now if I should tape it or watch it when it comes on? I know watching Major Crimes is out for not only tonight, but for the next two days too. I know! I’m not happy about it either. I’ve got two more hours, I think I can squeeze in a couple of chapters of my book that I am reading at the moment. So that’s what I’m going to do. Bye (: