Book Review: Maelyn (The Nine Princesses Novellas) by Anita Valle

Maelyn (The Nine Princesses Novellas - Book 1)

I have good news to share! After I don’t know how many weeks, I have finally finished a book. Of course, this one was a lot shorter than the other four or five books I have yet to finish, but you know. It’s still a good thing. This was one of the books I got when I went on a “freebie” spree. I think this was my second free book I got honestly. And it was a good investment too! I was feeling bored this evening and decided that I needed to sit up in bed and read some. I knew I was almost finished with this one, so I kind of vowed to finish it tonight. When I got comfortable the first round, I sat up and was there probably 15-20 minutes before my dad came in there and ruined my moment with a plate full of food. Funny part was, I couldn’t move fast enough from the wall to turn off my Kindle, move my remote, carry my Kindle to the floor and turn my laptop off. Poor dad, thankfully he had some patience this evening.

This book was about nine princesses who weren’t born into royalty, they were orphaned after a plague called Red Fever murdered everybody in their villages. Maelyn, who is the eldest of her sisters. A kind of Runa Realm, gains the throne of her father’s kingdom after both of her parents pass. Princesses are usually supposed to have servants, chefs, and ladies-in-waiting, but Maelyn has dismissed them. All but a Messager comes to their castle now.  After their first Messager dies suddenly, of Red Fever, a young man of the name of Willow becomes their new Messager and wonders what everybody else wonders why did Maelyn dismiss their servants and make her sisters do the work instead? Maelyn won’t tell anybody, especially to her stubborn, jerk Uncle Jarrod. He comes to the castle for a visit and starts to wonder if Maelyn is fit to rule his brother’s kingdom. Secrets, betrayal, and some romance is throughout the novella. You start to feel sorry for Maelyn and her sisters, but if the plague didn’t kill them when they were little, what makes the visit of Uncle Jarrod is?

This book was cute and very different from any other princess fairy-tale we’re all used to. This starts off as a sad story and then it gets better, but then it gets bad again and then things start getting better again. When a king finds nine orphaned girls in nine villages, he brings them home to his wife who wants to love this girls with her life. They don’t care if they are not born into royalty, they just glad they are there. Years after, people think they shouldn’t be there, especially after the death of their parents. Uncle Jarrod is going to be the one character you are going to hate the most, but Willow will be the one you like the best. I think I will get the second book after I get through the five other books I need to finish first, whenever that will be. Sorry, this was so short, but the book was short too but I don’t want to reveal much of the plot and the schemes throughout it.

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