Stay Awhile

I’ve been a little bored ever since we got home after therapy. I had a good day in therapy, but when my mom gets there I get a little sad because I always want to stay there. I don’t know if my neck and right arm could take anymore pain they endure than they do now. My mom was nice enough to bring in Swifty…Winnie….Speedy. Poor cat has like three names and that last name was given by my dad. He loves them he just doesn’t want to admit it yet. I finally found my Kindle while I was on the floor. I’m really boring at the moment. Just been watching TV, movies and listening to music. See, that’s lame. I’m hoping it rains all it wants tonight so I can go to work with my mom when she has her meeting tomorrow.

I’m listening to Ryan Star right now. I didn’t like his new EP as much as I thought I would, but his new single “Impossible” is pretty good, but I think I know why I like it so much. It sounds like “Stay Awhile” and “Start A Fire.” I’m feeling picky today.