Talking About Music When I’m Eating

Why is it my dad chooses to come in and talk to me about Five Finger Death Punch when I’m eating? I do not get it, but I guess after complaining I haven’t fangirl with anybody yet since the new album came out on Tuesday. So I guess this was a given. I had been waiting to talk about it with a friend of mine and I have talked with a Twitter follower yesterday. This is the second time he’s came in my room while I’m eating and wanted to talk to me about them. I’ve got to say, it makes me proud and smile, but when I’m eating and watching a special on TV at the same time. I wasn’t really in the mood, but I shut up my feelings and let him go on. Of course, when I wasn’t talking back he got bent out of shape, but I was chewing! What did he expect? He kept saying it was one of their best albums, then he had to ask if I thought so. Second question was, when I didn’t really answer that first question. When he asked what album I liked best and I said War Is The Answer was my favorite, he asked me why. I told him it was because it is one of those albums that I can listen and not skip songs in between. We both agreed we liked American Capitalist too. I thought after those two questions were answered, I thought he’d let me eat in peace but nope. He came in my room and started asking me about this one song on the album the he just didn’t like at all.

If you have read my album review I did on Tuesday and I had even asked a similar question like the one he was telling me. He didn’t like the fact that when ivan goes to say “I saw God today, and said SHE’s ashamed” and he didn’t like the fact that he was talking about God as a woman instead of a man. So it got dad curious and since I don’t know the right answer to that, I just had to hear his theories. The part of this whole thing that made me crack up was the fact we listened to like four songs on volume 13 and 14 on my stereo. I never get my stereo that loud even on a good day. Since I was eating dinner, so was my mom, who was sitting in the living room and had to hear FFDP loudly. I was literally waiting for her to come in afterwards and give me that look like, “what started that?” I would just giggle and say I’m sorry because I didn’t start the conversation, he did. I can’t wait to start this back up in November again. God, I’m now hoping the new album comes out the week after my birthday.

Excuse Me As I Ramble On.

So it is finally a new month. For some a new month is either a bad thing or a good one. To me, it’s just another month getting closer to my favorite season and month. November. This month symbolizes something else it means my sister will be off to school soon. My family acts like it’s not big deal but there are still some of them that are worried/happy about it. When August 20th comes around my mind will thinking about the fact that it’ll be I think 12 years since I’ve had my surgeries. Speaking of them, you can see some of my scar on my right side. My second surgery was where they took out my cartridge and one of my ribs for the third surgery. So there is a scar that goes from behind my right arm down to the edge of my stomach. For both of my second and third surgeries, there are different sensitive areas, the very top of my back is touchy and the side of my stomach is really sensitive to pretty much everything, even breathing. It’s really weird, but since it’s always been like that I’ve gotten used to it.

I always get worried around the middle of this month because a couple of years ago, I got into a fairly large depression bubble that lasted to almost four months. I get worried that I’ll go back into it once the next few months start-up. I don’t know, it should just be a happy time that I am a lot happier now than I was back then. I’m sure I’ll be okay, but like I said it’s still a worry for me. Right now, I’m watching TV, but I have been lying down for most of the day. Last night, my mom found my other elbow pad since ever since my mom switched my bed around the other day that now my left elbow has been bugging me now because of all the pressure I’ve been putting on it when I sleep. Since I lie on that side all the time now and my OT said to, we’ve been keeping it on all day. Lucky for me, it’s not cutting off circulation. I almost fell asleep because I had wrapped myself very well in my blanket because it hasn’t been over 74 degrees in here. I have been telling everybody that since we switched my bed, I’m not directly underneath my air vent anymore that I wasn’t as cold as I used to, man did that come back to bite me in the butt!