What Would Have Happened To Cinderella If She Didn’t Remember Her Slipper?

Kellie Elmore’s prompt for Free Write Friday, which I didn’t discover that she had added it until late last night, is about having the opportunity to go on that vacation you’ve always wanted or do anything you want, but there’s a catch. You will not remember a thing afterwards. Would you still do it? I have literally been thinking about this for almost twelve hours now and even though some people would probably say “no” they wouldn’t, but I had started thinking it would be like Cinderella going to the ball and at the stroke of midnight, her memory was gone. She didn’t remember the breathtaking waltz with the Prince, the fairy godmother changing her best friends into horses, chairman, and etc. She also wouldn’t remember the glass slipper that she left on the stairs of the castle and the fairy godmother took back the other slipper, so she couldn’t remember ANYTHING that could have changed the outcome of her life forever. She was back to where she started from, but the Prince was still looking for the mystery girl who had run off and had the Grand Duke try to find her so he could marry her. Would she still fall in love with him, if she didn’t remember him?

I know I’m rambling on, but let’s be honest. That’s not a fairytale. That’s a night that only drunks have. No memory of what happened the night before. So go back to the original question, would you still do it, even if you have no memory of it? For me, personally, I would say yes. I would say yes, for things that I wouldn’t normally do. If I had the chance to be a groupie for one night and have somebody in a band treat me like I’m a worthless object, but not remember a thing the next day. I can deal with that. I’ve never liked the “groupies” that come to rock shows, I think they don’t value themselves enough and in my right mind, I would never do that. If my memory was taken away, I really wouldn’t care. It would be a live in the moment kind of deals where whatever happens, happens. You’re just hoping nothing comes back to bite you in the ass. If this was to happen, I would never want to see pictures of that night, because then I would be disappointed with myself over something I had no memory of. So that’s like the craziest thing I could think of that would go well with this.

13 thoughts on “What Would Have Happened To Cinderella If She Didn’t Remember Her Slipper?

  1. As for myself. If I could come back as Cinderella in a future life I would mind if I’d have no member of that wonderous night dancing with the prince, or anything else related to it. Instead, It would have been like a glorious dream [a wish] I’d have shared with other girl in the kingdom that night. When the Grand Duke on his mission to find the Prince’s mysterious “princess”, the one Prince he had danced with at the ball and who ran off without warning at the stroke of midnight, would come to the house I shared with my wicked stepmother and ugly stepsisters, and saw me hiding in a corner trying not to be seen because of them, telling me that due to a royal command he has to try the glass slipper he carried on royal on the foor of every maiden in the kingdom.
    Hesitsating I would place my dainty foot which by magic would transform me back to the princess with the gown I wore at the ball. I would become extremely escatitic with all the events happening in from of my eyes, having to pinch myself to see if all this isn’t actually another dream. My family would become EXTREMELY jealous of me.

    As for the question would I still remember or still fall in love with him? I would still remember him as the prince I had danced with the answer is NO. However, I’d have probably still have fallen in love with, because remember every other girl in the village had shared my dream of marrying him.

    And there would be even more truth in the words of the song,”When you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true.


  2. Quite a different perspective to think about doing something you would not ordinarily do. Loved your line about it maybe coming back to bite you though! Similar to your response to the prompt neenslewy’s post focused on what a perfect opportunity for experiences and not have the memory of the fear or pain.


  3. “that’s a night only drunks have” lol! love that!
    This was such a hard prompt…for myself even. I didn’t write for my own prompt! I just can’t imagine going through with something if I am not going to have a souvenir to take back…I have to have memories 🙂


    1. Wow! That’s interesting, but I understand that. It’s kind of like when somebody says “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” does things really stay in Vegas anymore? I mean, back then when they created that motto I could understand but there’s no amount of alcohol you can consume to stop yourselves from taking pictures unfortunately. Lol


      1. wouldn’t it be so strange to see yourself in pictures…doing things, being in places, being with people and not remembering it. It would feel so weird, like a bad joke lol


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