All I Have To Give

It’s been another sleepy day, I got up at 1pm this time around and I’ve been trying to keep myself awake, especially since the sun was hardly out and I thought I heard thunder an hour ago, but it could have been a motorcycle start-up. So I could be wrong, since I only heard it once. I’ve been listening to music all day. It hasn’t been a singing day though. My self-confidence hasn’t been around very much today. So whenever music wasn’t helping me stay awake, I turned to movies. I had only been watching about half of the movies. I watched a little bit of Happy Feet Two, Beetlejuice, and The Dark Knight Rises. I actually just got done watching Ice Age: Continental Drift and I remember having my mom or dad rent it for me when it first came out on DVD, because I got Men In Black: III with it. It was the only movie I was in the mood for, so when I saw it was on, I DVR’d and decided to watch it. I’ve got to say, I didn’t like Nicki Minaj in it. She irritated me. Other than that, it was pretty good!

It’s been pretty boring. I haven’t been in a mood to do anything. My book is kind of calling my name at the moment though, so I may get lucky and read some of my book before my mom decides to go to bed. Oh, tomorrow is Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Awareness Day. I have this disease. I’ve been thinking of doing a special post tomorrow to explain more about what it is. So if you can wear blue to show your support.

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