To The Wicked Sky

Well, it is about to turn 10pm, and if you are watching your tv shows tonight, Hont In Cleveland starts soon!!! Anyways, I am kind of happy to be ok and I’m happy that my family is ok too. We’ve had two storms this evening. The first one, I don’t think anybody took it seriously enough, especially when our sirens went off probably two minutes after the rain and thunder stopped. I think twenty minutes my mom grabbed the shower chair and put it in the bathroom. I sat on that for a bit, before my parents thought it was actually over, and my mom put me back in my room. Around 8pm, while my parents and sister were watching their movie, the thunder and lightning came back. I switched on my TV to one of our local channels to see how long this part was staying. A minute later, the sirens went off again and my parents stopped their movie and I was put back in the bathroom, this time on the actual tub. Just in case. This was going to be worse, since the radar was saying it was coming right towards us.

My dad got most of the stuff we’d ever need if a tornado ever came. Blondie was charging up her phone, mom had me supper and came into the bathroom and fed me and our cat Oliver, my dad was standing by the front door watching the sky and wind as it didn’t know which side it wanted to go. Then everybody kept saying with sarcasm, “that’s rotation.” All that did was make me uncomfortable. I should have never said this phrase while my mom was feeding me food, but as a joke, I said that I was surprised that the power didn’t go out. I was meaning for the first round, and about two minutes later, our power starting flickering and it completely shots off. I will take the blame and say I jinxed us, but I swear I didn’t it was going to do that and then when it started flickering I couldn’t help but start laughing because my sister and my mom were having a cow. They had the internet on their phones and I had the last of my sarcasm.

The second storm probably lasted only for an hour. ChiChi slept through most of it. Oliver sat in front of the screen door. My mom didn’t put the kittens in the cage before the storms came so we got to hear both of them complain about that. I think dad and I were the only calm, cool, collected ones of the bunch. As much as I hate storms, I hate not having power. Our power just came back not that long ago. I actually didn’t think I was going to be able to do a blog post today/tonight. Now I’m listening to my iPod and my parents finish up their scary movie. I’m going to get ready for bed, do my prayers and watch some TV. I hope the power comes back on the others soon. Also hope the damage isn’t as bad as what we’ve heard. Last but not least, hope everybody is safe. So please pray or send positive vibes for people living around me for these three things. Good night! I’ll talk about how my day was tomorrow.