Book Review: Try Me By Olivia Cunning


Warning: 18+ content.

I now have a favorite author. I didn’t think I would ever have a “favorite” when it came to books, especially in this subject. I have read three other books by Olivia Cunning and they are to die for! You cannot stop at just one book. After reading “Backstage Pass,” which is the first book of the Sinners On Tour series, you are going to want more. Sed and Trey’s stories are just as good as Master Sinclair’s. I have not read Jace and Eric’s stories yet I will soon! This book is the first of the mini series of the fictional band Sole Regret. I thought about this when I read other rock star related books. Thank god these are not real. Because I’m pretty sure I would say eff to my morals and respect for my body and just give in to the temptation.

When I went on Facebook yesterday morning and found out this book was FREE on Amazon, I literally had to ask my mom if I could buy a free book. I have been wanting to read the first book for a while, because I keep hearing the series is amazing! The book is about Melanie, a girl who doesn’t think she’s as beautiful as her friend Nikki, who was the reason why they were at Sole Regret’s concert, so she could meet the band’s lead singer Shade. Gabe is the total opposite of every rockstar/drummer known to man. When the girls go to the after party, Nikki goes to the bar and Melanie stays the hell out of dodge, because she is not only afraid of guys with tattoos, meeting rock stars really isn’t her scene. Gabe is kind of the same, after their show is over, he showers and dresses in casual clothes, thinks he’ll drink one beer and meet some fans and be ready to go back to hotel by himself.

Melanie notices Nikki is drinking way too much and when Melanie tries to help her drunken friend meet her favorite singer, she makes a fool out of herself by saying, “I need to lie down…. with you on top of me.” Shade asks Melanie if she would like to join, and her response for him was this, “I don’t think sleeping with my drunk best friend and a stranger is my idea of a good time.” I’m not going to lie, I probably just butchered that quote, but I’m pretty sure that’s how she said it. Anyways, that was probably my favorite thing about the book. She just flat-out said it knowing her best friend, who was only there for sex in the first place, was there. Shade just had this stand offish attitude, that you almost wanted to smack him upside the head a couple of times. He kind of deserved to have a headache for the rest of the night after being such a jerk to girls. Not every girl is looking for a one night stand. Anyways, Nikki recovers herself and Shade doesn’t care if she’s drunk off her ass and they leave.┬áMelanie stayed behind, keeping to herself until Gabe comes over and talks to her. The conversation goes from casual, awkward, to very sexy all in about twenty minutes or so. From there everything Melanie was worried about, became something more.

When I started reading the book, I was glad it was about Melanie and Gabe and not about Nikki and Shade. You already know about my feelings for Shade, but if you didn’t already know about my thoughts on groupies, hear’s your insight on it. I hate groupies. I don’t understand the thrill of sleeping with a rock star or even flirting with them. I did not like how Nikki was acting throughout the whole book. Nikki didn’t give a shit about her value and how much the dude won’t care about her the next time he comes into town. Her attitude towards Melanie really bugged me, but I understood why Melanie was always there for her. She was just trying to be a good friend to her, but I think Nikki was just taking advantage of her. Especially since she knew Melanie didn’t like guys with tattoos. I’ve got to say though–who doesn’t like guys with tattoos? Just the amount of detail Olivia gave for Gabe’s tattoos could have died and gone to heaven and then come back. I loved the romance between Gabe and Melanie. Gabe has many secrets and he’s a lot different from any other rock star. Now I’m debating on whether or not I want to read the rest of the series before I read Hot Ticket and Wicked Beat. I am very glad that I finally got to read this book though. Just under 100 pages and it was still good. I could get used to this.