Spontaneous Thursday

It has been a good day to say the least. Hardly any pain throughout the day. Last night was a totally different story. I went to bed around 1am and I woke back up at 3am because my whole lower right side of my back was in so much pain. I don’t usually get pain on that side and so when everybody is asleep, I kind of have to deal with the pain. Sometimes I pray and sometimes I just get exhausted from knowing it’s there, that I just end up falling asleep. I like when that happens, but that only happens rarely. Anyways, I could smell of my mom’s cigarette smoke from the vent and I was literally jumping for joy inside. It’s the only time that I think I ever get excited to smell it. I hate how it smells, but the pain was too much so I texted her and luckily she was actually already on her phone and she gave me medicine to take the pain away. I’m not going to lie, my pain was actually starting to go away when she came in. I don’t understand why, but my back just wasn’t as tensed as it was. After she left, I thought I would go back to sleep without any problems. I didn’t go back to bed until 6am this morning.

When I got up again, it was around 9am. My mom came in looking for something I think and started making noises and then I rolled over and busted her. Yesterday, my parents went to Wal-Mart and she brought me back my first surprise. I asked for an iTunes card, but I think I should have waited for ask for one until next month. She got me one and told me I could use it tomorrow (today) and I was content with that. I needed to make a list anyways. She gave me my second surprise this morning. I think I heard her say she got it at Casey’s. It was a chocolate chip and peanut butter granola bar. It was tiny, but so good! I’ve always wanted to try the peanut butter chips and there are little bite sizes of peanut butter. I think I could eat a bowl of them and chocolate chips. Not even kidding either. I think about an hour later, she came in looking through my hair to see if it needed to be washed or not. It did. So she set everything up on the kitchen counter and I got my hair washed. After she put me back in my chair, I realized we were actually going somewhere. We were going to Wal-Mart. I hadn’t eaten at that time and while we were driving, I heard my mom ask my dad if he was hungry and from there I realized we were going to eat out. We ate at Ponderosa and it was freaking good too!!

When we were finished with our meal, I was still eating ice cream. According to both my dad and Blondie, I don’t know how to eat ice cream. When I eat ice cream or anything frozen, there’s no way in hell am I letting it touch my teeth in the front and back. I have a sensitivity to cold foods. My other excuse is when I eat ice cream that has different toppings inside, like cookie dough or M&M’s, I don’t want to get choked so I try to keep everything at the roof of my mouth and eat the actual ice cream part and then chew the rest. Because the toppings shouldn’t have the ice cream around, so it doesn’t bug my teeth. I’m a very complex person when it comes to eating certain foods. Anyways, both of them were basically teasing me that I was doing this and I apparently make weird faces in the process. I’m glad I just have a good sense of humor to just laugh at them. At least I know I won’t be eating ice cream around neither one for a while. When we left the place Colbie Calliat’s song “Fallin’ For You” and as we were coming out of the place I caught myself singing away with everybody slowly walking behind me. Every song they played inside I was basically singing and dancing to myself. I was in a happy mood!

Our only reason to go to Wal-Mart was to get things for Blondie’s party. It was very strange to walk around with my family without two things. My phone and not getting anything. It was probably the one time where I enjoyed just walking around and getting out of my hometown. I was also bloated as crap so I’m pretty sure I was trying to hold my eyes open a little more than I started. We got everything and we headed home. When we got into town, we went out to see the part where we’re going to have the party and it looks a lot better than the place we had mine. It actually looks leveled, except for the fact the ground and concrete aren’t leveled for me to get up there without any trouble. After we saw everything, we finally went home and I was glad to be lying on my back again. I hadn’t had any pain throughout the fun, but my stomach wasn’t feeling too good after eating so much. I’m not doing any better since my mom decided to make lasagna tonight. It was too good, not to eat. I almost licked that plate clean. I finally used my iTunes card and next time, even if I think I’m going to have too many songs on the list. I’m still putting them on the list and erasing the others that I get. Here is what I got:

  1. Mr. Slowdeath – Butcher Babies
  2. Dark Star – Tarja
  3. Restless Heart – Matt Hires
  4. One Finger And A Fist – Drowning Pool
  5. Not Gonna Die – Skillet
  6. Stupify – Disturbed
  7. Meaning Of Life – Disturbed
  8. Bones – Young Guns
  9. Release The Panic – RED
  10. Good Man – Devour The Day
  11. The Waiting One – All The Remains
  12. Done – The Band Perry