Book Review: Battlescars: A Rock & Roll Romance by Sophie Monroe

brantleyWell I have finally finished this book! I have to say  I have been trying to finish all of these books at one time didn’t work out for me. I think I should just stick with reading with one book at a time. This book was very good. I think I liked it a little too much. After reading all these romance books I think I am starting to believe in a love a little more than I used to, and this book kind of changed my perspective of what people can fall in love with despite a person’s look and scars. I have to say I wish more books were like this, hell I wish there were more guys like Jake Parker. I’m sure there are and they probably have girlfriends or girls who would like to be. Anyways, this book made you look past everything that you’ve heard about these bad boy type of rock stars. Plus made me you see a very powerful, insecure woman who wasn’t interested in becoming a girlfriend of the lead singer of a band. They let each other into their lives and see who they were are on the inside.

In this book, you got to hear from the view of both Jake and Aubrey. In the past books, I haven’t really found anything in common with the females. I found some similarities with Aubrey Thompson. She wasn’t really into rock stars, she always pushed everybody away, insecure, and had a bad ass attitude! Usually it’s the band members of the bands in the books who crack the best jokes and the girls are too quiet and shy. Aubrey was the total opposite. I was kind of jealous of everything she was, her style and attitude. Jake didn’t act like a big shot and definitely had his work cut out for him to win his attention with Aubrey. He had a reputation for being a bad boy, but at times, he was a hopeless romantic and a sweetheart throughout the book. I definitely fell in love with him. And the fact that she was covered in tattoos was a plus!

I’m trying to give much away, because the book is very interesting and has a wonderful storyline to it. You will like the guys in the band Battlescars. They are pretty funny! I loved Granny Jean. Dear God, I kept reading about her and kept saying in my head, this is what my nana would act like if she accepted the same lifestyle, minus the smoking part. The one character you are not going to like and want to hurt throughout the book too. Jeremy is Aubrey’s messed up ex-boyfriend and he’s a trip. Everytime he comes into play Aubrey and Jake’s emotions change. You understand why Aubrey is the way she is and you see how Jake falls in love with her even more. Towards the ending of the book it gets very cute and loving. You will laugh your ass off as you read it. I suggest to keep some tissues at times, especially around the last few couple chapters. Now I need to read my other two books so I can read the second book of the series, Afflicted which is Blake and Piper’s story. You start seeing their friendship grow in the last two chapters. So I can’t wait for that! My favorite quote from the whole book was at the end.

“The key to finding lasting love is to find someone who loves you, battlescars and all.”

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