Rebel Beat

Yesterday afternoon, I felt good (even though I was bloated as crap all day long!) and I didn’t really do much. I didn’t go to work so I was actually more bored than I had planned on being. Basically everything I tried doing didn’t last very long. I wasn’t content with one thing after another. I remember not being to listen any of my songs on my iPod all the way through and if I did listen to anything it was last night after Dancing With The Stars, everytime it ends I tend to dream in my head while I have my headphones on that I can dance too. I’m more like daydreaming at night because for one thing it’s dark outside and I know I wasn’t asleep yet. Anyways, I think around 4pm, my mom was on the phone with my nana and she had said something about the cats and I thought well if she brought Ivan in here, that would cheer me up enough. She said no on bringing them inside to play, but I did get to go outside and sit on the back porch. The kittens were mostly around the left side of the porch. I’m pretty sure my dad loves having not only Bootsie by his man cave, but five tiny kittens as well. They were running around, chasing after each other and fighting. Just like Tubby and Rudy used to do with their siblings.

I try to get them to come up on the porch with me, but I think they’re a little afraid of me. I’m use to sitting on my bed with them and now I’m on the ground and yet there is this big hot pink and black thing behind me. Thursday, we had a small storm, and dad was gone for the day. Emily was at home sick and so before the storm came, mom told Em to go bring the kittens inside, along with Bootsie. I don’t think my mom wanted her inside the house, but it was okay. We had five kittens running around our living room. My mom sat in her usual seat on the couch with ChiChi. Emily sat on the right side by the kitchen doorway and I got the way into the bathroom hallway. We actually had our front door open and screen door locked, so we could watch it all from the outside. The kittens actually liked watching it rain, they freaked everytime they heard the thunder crash, but then I’d go back to doing what they were doing before. They tried climbing up the sides of the door and when Bootsie started eating Oliver’s food, Ivan and Oreo had to join in. While Stef was getting love from my mom, Wren was playing with the bag we got for the first batch of kittens. Little Winnie decided she was ready to explore my wheelchair. It’s bad enough that Ivan took a spill off my bed two days before this, but seeing Winnie climb her way up my back tire. I was actually proud. I literally thought that it was going to be Ivan or Stef that was going to do it first, but the under-cat did it first. Did you see what I did there?

While I was outside yesterday, trying to pry the little ones on the ramp, I scoot lower off the ramp to reach them. They kept moving and I wanted to pet them. My mom was inside and my dad was outside, so I was mentally prepared if I tipped over on the side of the ramp, I knew which one was going to freak out the most. Anyways, as I was trying to make different noises to get them wondering and come closer to me. Stef and Winnie thought they were just going to start attacking my right foot. I had it at the side and was paying attention to it. I also had about four gnats trying to get into my ears. I was definitely distracted. I started playing with them that way and as I was just sitting there watching them run around and try to jump off the shovel (which I’ve got to say was freaking hilarious!) they started disappearing under the porch with mama. I knew after that play time with Meghan was over. I started scooted back up the ramp and towards my wheelchair. I didn’t exactly want to go back inside because it was so nice and hardly any bugs around. I’m mostly talking about bees and wasps. I have my right foot pedal off my wheelchair because I don’t need it. So a few years ago, we removed it from its spot and there is literally enough room for somebody small to lay back somewhere on the ground. I even had an arm rest for my left arm because of the left pedal. I just laid back and watched the birds eat and look at the pretty bloomed trees sway back and forth from the wind. It was very soothing! My dad’s friend came over and they went in his “man cave” and chill out. I guess my dad thought I looked bored or something because he asked if I wanted to go back in my chair twice. After the second one I went back in my chair.

It is just 9am and I am already starting to feel like I’m going to pass out. I am listening to my music all the way through and thinking about my books today. So I might get lucky today and try to read my books again after two days of hardly no reading. I had a good blog birthday! I also heard Five Finger Death Punch’s new song “Lift Me Up” and my dad already likes it. It literally took him about 15 seconds to say those words. We’re both excited for this summer. I can see hanging out with him a lot this summer and his truck’s speakers. I don’t care if we go cruise around, as long as I get the hear the power in the speakers. I’ve already heard it this morning and had to crank it up even though both of my parents are asleep. They love me. So I’m going to go now and listen to music and maybe watch a movie. Oh, my dad has already said we might get movies tomorrow. I want to see Silver Linings Playbook and Safe Haven so bad! Okay, I’m definitely going to go now! Bye!

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