Book Review: The Secret Diary Of a Princess: A Novel of Marie Antoinette by Melanie Clegg

marieI finally finished this book! It was such a good book too! I’ve got to say though, there were a lot of words I definitely needed to probably write out and look up. because I still don’t know what half of them mean. There were a lot of different people introduced into the book, a lot of French names and it got confusing at times. Something else I kept doing through the ending of the book was compare it to the film that was released in 2006. Certain things weren’t the same as the movie and that drove me a little crazy at times.  Everytime I would go to read it, I would picture Kirsten Dunst saying each word. I didn’t have other voices for the characters. Especially for her family members and so I read it as she was talking to me in a regular conversation.

When I fist started reading this, I was impressed with how much the author Melanie talked about everything from the fashions of that time to the bedchambers. If you have seen pictures of the fashions of the 1700’s then you can wrap your head around having to wear a dress that weighs more than probably all of the normal prom dresses of today. How much detail the designers put on these dresses is interesting. Marie Antoinette had five sisters, so they each had different dresses as far as colors and jewels embroidered onto them, but the actual dress itself as the same as the others. Can you imagine wearing these dresses in the summer without air conditioning? I would die, I seriously would.

I don’t know how I would feel if my mother made me marry a stranger. I know some cultures still do that, but the way Marie’s mother betrothed her daughters to marry different suitors that they’ve never met kind of sounded weird. It was like she was pimping them out in those days. Carolina and Marie were very young still to be married off. I definitely felt bad for Marie’s sister Amalia for not being able to marry her lover, but yet Christina was allowed to marry whoever she wanted just because she was her mother’s favorite. After reading the whole book, I remember thinking I didn’t want it to end. Honestly I thought it was going to go on forever and talk about her time at Versailles, her marriage, and pregnancies. I would have loved to read about them. I don’t like how it ended, because I wanted it to keep going, but in a way the way that it did end was good too.

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