Wicked Dreams

So it is finally Friday! Man, hasn’t it been a long week! At least it felt like that way for me. I hope yours went a little quicker than mine. Today we did what we usually do on Friday’s. Go over to my nana’s and have lunch. This time around my sister finally got to spend the day with us. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to do that since my mom switched over to working weekends, my mom would do the errands alone, because Blondie was always in school. Well, it has been a week since her graduation and it’s been feeling a lot more like summer. Except for my online friends, most of them are still in school. The only thing that was really different, well besides my sister’s hair being extremely brown. She got her hair trimmed and went tanning in the middle of the visit. My grandparents got pizza for lunch and my stomach hasn’t been feeling well. I got mozzarella sticks and I think I only ate about ten bites. My nana also had this lone Gingerbeard man she gets with her meals during the week. That’s all I’ve eaten today. My parents just got dinner and I opted out of getting anything. What’s sad is that I got orange juice today and I couldn’t even enjoy it like I thought I would. Finding something that works with your stomach is hard work.

I finally got to talk to my nana after thinking I wasn’t going to be able to get everything out. Different people were interrupting me. Now I know how my papaw feels. Anyways, I had to tell her about my wicked dreams I’ve been having at night every once in a while. She had some good advice for me, and I’ve come to a conclusion that I hate having a creative mind. I’ve got a funny story for you. This morning I got up at 5am and haven’t been back asleep since. I thought I was going to pass out at 4pm, but I pushed through and got online. It is almost 6:30pm and I feel like my body could just tumble over onto the floor and I’d be kind of fine with that. Around 9am I decided to start last night’s Hannibal and just see how far I’d last. I lasted for about three minutes. When we got home from my nana’s after waiting about two hours I decided to give it another shot and skip the “creepy” parts, which was the whole scene at the beginning of the girl in the bed. I stopped watching after Will thought he was killing that girl. I told myself there is no way in hell I’m going to be able to watch this freaking episode. It may actually take me a few days to get through it, but that’s okay. As long as I try to get through it, I’ll be fine. I hope.

Just Let Me Rant And I’ll be Fine (:

Well, I’ve done it again. After telling myself that I wasn’t going to take nap this afternoon, I turned on my fan and just completely passed out. I needed a break from life, so I had a mini escape for an hour. It wasn’t bad, but yet I haven’t tried going back to sleep though. I’m already ready to tape tonight’s Hannibal, so I’m good there. I’m definitely not watching that episode tonight. After watching this season, I’m surprised I didn’t stop watching it after the second episode. I didn’t it was really that scary, considering I can watch TVD and Underworld movies. One draw back from those shows to this is there’s no vampires, werewolves, and witches. This much more creepy and disgusting. An hour after accepting there was no way of going back to sleep, I got online and kept scrolling down my Facebook and found out that there will be a season two of Hannibal. Hell yes!! I’m so freaking excited! Even though I watch it the next day, it’s still a “cop show” and it has a good storyline to it. Well, that’s the end of that rant.

Today, my mom brought in Little Ivan and he’s been getting very curious lately. The last two times he’s came in here, he isn’t in a sleepy mood. He’s been getting a little bit more adventurous and in the last two visits he’s jumped off my bed five times. He’s getting more and more friendly with me. I remember when Blondie (who no longer isn’t a blonde, but I’m allowed to call her that still) was first working with Bootsie as a kitten, she wouldn’t come out of the neighbors wooden fence and Em tried her hardest to get her out of that area, and she put place food at different places and gained her trust. At the beginning, she was supposed to be a friend of my dad’s mouse catching cat, but that never worked out. Em didn’t even have a name for her at this time and had been calling her, “kitty” from the beginning. Once we got to see her whole body come out from that part of the yard, Em gave her the name “Bootsie” because of her paws being white when her upper body was all black. So she had little boots. It fit her well. Well, it took me the first visit for me to come up with the name “Ivan” because I wasn’t allowed to name him after a Transformers. Which sucked. He was shy and a little mean to everybody, but now I think everytime my mom puts him in here, he gets nicer to her because he knows where he’s going. He’s going into my room and on my bed.

I’ve always wondered if animals know about people with physical disabilities. We know dogs are wonderful for people with disabilities, but what about cats? Especially young kittens? When Tubby and Rudy would come up to me, they would try to climb my shirt but that’s all. Tubby has shown his friendly side more than once to me. He had put his face underneath my right hand and pushed up so my hand just goes over his head. How does he know I can’t move my hand to pet him like everybody else? He rarely does it, but it’s so sweet when he does. Now Ivan is showing his affection towards me. I understand why animals would be scared of a foot coming towards them and not my hands, they can move back and get scared that I’d hurt them. I would never do that. Ivan has climbed up my hands using his front paws without his claws. He likes to smell my face and whenever he does this, he is so gentle. Lately, after he goes on the floor he comes up to my foot and gets very affection to me. Like, he likes me. He’s even starting to come to me when I call his name. It’s so interesting, but I hate the fact that I think I’m treating him like a dog. He’s my baby, he’s fine!


“If we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care.” – Marvin J. Ashton

Book Review: Battlescars: A Rock & Roll Romance by Sophie Monroe

brantleyWell I have finally finished this book! I have to say  I have been trying to finish all of these books at one time didn’t work out for me. I think I should just stick with reading with one book at a time. This book was very good. I think I liked it a little too much. After reading all these romance books I think I am starting to believe in a love a little more than I used to, and this book kind of changed my perspective of what people can fall in love with despite a person’s look and scars. I have to say I wish more books were like this, hell I wish there were more guys like Jake Parker. I’m sure there are and they probably have girlfriends or girls who would like to be. Anyways, this book made you look past everything that you’ve heard about these bad boy type of rock stars. Plus made me you see a very powerful, insecure woman who wasn’t interested in becoming a girlfriend of the lead singer of a band. They let each other into their lives and see who they were are on the inside.

In this book, you got to hear from the view of both Jake and Aubrey. In the past books, I haven’t really found anything in common with the females. I found some similarities with Aubrey Thompson. She wasn’t really into rock stars, she always pushed everybody away, insecure, and had a bad ass attitude! Usually it’s the band members of the bands in the books who crack the best jokes and the girls are too quiet and shy. Aubrey was the total opposite. I was kind of jealous of everything she was, her style and attitude. Jake didn’t act like a big shot and definitely had his work cut out for him to win his attention with Aubrey. He had a reputation for being a bad boy, but at times, he was a hopeless romantic and a sweetheart throughout the book. I definitely fell in love with him. And the fact that she was covered in tattoos was a plus!

I’m trying to give much away, because the book is very interesting and has a wonderful storyline to it. You will like the guys in the band Battlescars. They are pretty funny! I loved Granny Jean. Dear God, I kept reading about her and kept saying in my head, this is what my nana would act like if she accepted the same lifestyle, minus the smoking part. The one character you are not going to like and want to hurt throughout the book too. Jeremy is Aubrey’s messed up ex-boyfriend and he’s a trip. Everytime he comes into play Aubrey and Jake’s emotions change. You understand why Aubrey is the way she is and you see how Jake falls in love with her even more. Towards the ending of the book it gets very cute and loving. You will laugh your ass off as you read it. I suggest to keep some tissues at times, especially around the last few couple chapters. Now I need to read my other two books so I can read the second book of the series, Afflicted which is Blake and Piper’s story. You start seeing their friendship grow in the last two chapters. So I can’t wait for that! My favorite quote from the whole book was at the end.

“The key to finding lasting love is to find someone who loves you, battlescars and all.”

Sleepy Ivan

My little Ivan sleeping on my bed. (:
My little Ivan sleeping on my bed. (:

It’s been a long day, but I don’t know if I’m saying that because it has been a long day or if my Advil pills still have an effect on me. I got up at 7am and actually got up feeling pretty good, I felt a lot better than I was yesterday. I wasn’t as miserable. Well after staying up for three hours I fell back to sleep. I woke back up at noon and almost fell back asleep again, but I forced myself to stay awake. Sadly though when I got up this time around I felt awful around my neck area. My mom took me to the bathroom and I wasn’t feeling too bad to have some medicine then. My mom brought in Ivan twice today and I’ve been loving my alone time with him. As you can tell in my pas posts. I pretty much told my mom, we can’t get rid of him. A cat just doesn’t pass out on my bed as easily as this little dude does every time he goes on my bed. Funny thing, he came in gripping my mom’s shirt and once he figured he was going to the bed, he let go and put his front paws on the bed. So cute!

A Dying Star

Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to all the men and woman who have and are serving our country!

Today has been an interesting and kind of miserable for my sister and I. Blondie had put on her Facebook late last night, and said that she had broken her thumb. Well, this morning our parents found out about it and they kind of freaked out about it. Considering it’s been a while since she’s had an injury. My mom took her to the ER this morning and found out it was just strain and she has to wear a splint around it. Well, that was her exciting night and the next day. This morning I woke up after trying to go back to sleep twice and when I finally sat myself up, my mom came into my room and took me to the bathroom. When she was carrying me into the bathroom, the right side of my neck started throbbing like crazy. It felt like my neck was broken because I couldn’t move it. If you follow me on Twitter you probably read me complaining left and right about my neck. I’m so sorry, but I was complaining just as much to my mom as I was on there. My mom gave me a whole muscle relaxer and it didn’t do much for me at all, but make me loopy as crap! After I started feeling the effect of it, I got offline because I thought that was a smart choice.

I’ve been in pain the majority of the day, but then again I wasn’t the only one. My mom just gave me three Advil pills for the night and I’m hoping they work out a lot better for me. My mom thinks the pain has either something to do with my tonsils, because the right side of my throat was slightly swollen. I have been having problems with my throat feeling scratchy, but it hasn’t been too bad. I mostly had pain in my neck, back, shoulder, and my head. The other theory my mom had been maybe I just pulled one hell of a muscle in my neck. I was an all out mess today.  Besides all the pain, I did get to have some alone time with little Ivan. Once before I ate dinner and I’m not kidding, I almost fell asleep with him laying on my bed. I’ve known what cuddling meant until I had this little guy laying next to me every other day. After I ate, my mom and I went to our neighbors and met some more of my dad’s friends and my mom actually asked me if I wanted a beer. I said no. I don’t think I’m ever going to feel comfortable drinking in front of my dad. My mom says she’s fine with it, but yet this was her first offer to one. There was a storm coming in so my mom and I left early, but I actually wanted to stay and watch everybody play cornhole.

The storm we had wasn’t apparently going to be bad since both of our local channels didn’t have the radar on. It wasn’t that bad though. We brought the kittens inside for a bit. My mom brought Ivan to me and he looked like he was drunk because he was laying down on the edge on the bed with his right back paw practically hanging off my bed. It was cute, but freaking hilarious! I gave his back a mohawk. It looked adorable on him! My mom finally decided to bring in Oreo, and that poor guy panicked being on top of my bed. Ivan just chilled by my legs and I had to calm Oreo down. I climbed off my bed and started meowing and finally decided going on the floor was a bad idea, so he climbed his way back up my bed. He finally laid down on my left side of my bed and Ivan had the other side. I was laying down and I had a kitten on each arm. I felt special. Ivan is still my favorite though. Now I’m doing this and I’ve got my headphones on. I’ve tried to take two naps today and I hardly got any sleep last night, so tonight should be interesting. I’m hoping for a better outcome for today’s fun adventure!

Merry Go ‘Round

Hel-lo everybody!

I’m sorry for not posting about my thoughts about my sister’s graduation. I wasn’t feeling the best yesterday and I think I was lucky enough to do five “Picture It & Write” entries yesterday afternoon. I think Friday’s activities were a little bit too much for my body to handle. I felt exhausted, but yet I had slept in til noon. I was not a happy camper about that, but I’ve got to say I needed that extra sleep. Today wasn’t any better, although my body and state of mind were both feeling the same. I felt pretty positive and I actually wrote out two of my favorite entries of “Picture It & Write” and by the time I got to the sixth line of the first one, my foot was hurting me pretty bad. This is what happens when you stop writing out things completely. I had finished the first two entries and I was just starting my third when my lower back started to hurt. I think the pain I get in my lower back whenever I’m writing, etc is stress related. I’m too tense when I write things out. I was moving constantly because I wasn’t comfortable and I had to change my music every five minutes because it would distract me. I was not having a good time doing this at all! So after the pain came around, I stopped completely for today. I’ll try to remember to write some out tomorrow. If I have the energy for it.

My dad has been spending time outside today. So ChiChi and I stayed inside the house all day. She came in here once and I practically had to beg for her attention. It surprises me how much this dog is jealous when my mom brings Ivan inside for me, but if she knows he’s not here, she could care less about you. She’s just like a regular I swear! Anyways, I had to play the Golden Girls theme song for her and the house was completely silent so her voice was loud as can be. It’s actually still ringing in my rings. She left a little bit after that. A couple of hours ago, I decided I needed to read. The house was quiet so I took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed my Kindle and backed myself up against the wall. This time, the air wasn’t on as much as it usually was, even though everytime my dad came around me he complained how hot it was outside. Guilt trip anyone? I sat back and for once wasn’t cold enough that I needed my pillow. That sounds weird. Anyways, I think I read two chapters and I am almost finished with it, but I don’t want to be done with it. I say that, but yet I have two other books that I need to get done before I can even get another book. So hopefully, I’m hoping to finish the whole book, do a review and move on with my next one in line.

So that’s my thoughts on today. I hope to get some better sleep tonight, but I did get up at 1pm, so I don’t really see me getting up early. Especially since my sister’s out of school now, nobody’s going to be getting up at 7am and taking me to the bathroom anymore. That’s going to be interesting. All right, I’m going to jam and relax a little bit before my mom decides she wants to go to bed. Everybody enjoy the rest of your weekend! (: