Book Review: Music Of The Heart by Katie Ashley

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This is my first book outside of Olivia Cunning’s Sinners On Tour series. It’s also my first book by an independent author, Katie Ashley. I found this book on either Flirty And Dirty Book Blog or The Book Blog Facebook pages. I couldn’t tell you which one I saw it on first, both sites have talked about it and gave it great reviews. I’ve got to say though, I don’t really read the reviews, I’m a cover girl. If I like the cover and if it matches the summary of the cover somewhat, then there’s a pretty good chance I’ll buy it. Can you keep a secret? That’s how I got into the second book, Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning. It was purple, get off me! I do like my rock and roll romances, and this was such a good book! I’m not even kidding. Oh, by the way, if you’re reading towards the end, you might want to grab a tissue or two. Just to be safe. I’ve read over 30+ books and nothing has made me cry then this book. I think I fell in love with it.

This entire book had me going back and forth with Mr. Slater. He got on my nerves quite a few times. I’m not a fan of cocky guys. Every time he let his ego go, I wanted to smack him. Abby had her hands full with him! I like AJ’s character even though he made me crack up a few times along the way. Certain parts made me wish I knew Spanish. And for some odd reason, everytime he was around, I would instantly think of Jose Mangin of Sirius XM Liquid Metal. Anyways, Rhys was another character you couldn’t help but love in a cute way. Brayden and Lily,  every time they came into the picture I would think of Duff McKagan and Susan Holmes-McKagan and I know it was WAY off, but that’s who my mind picked for them. I never really had a clear picture in my mind of Jake, but I did pick Brittany Snow for Abby. That sassy blonde with some guts to kick a man in the balls — literally!

The romance of Jake and Abby was so cute, but unlikely for such a heavily tattooed rocker and a sweetheart blonde with a strong religious past. I do like how as it kept going, Jake started letting his feelings come out, even though he never fully let go of his ego. Every time the guys would tease him about her or just judge him for the stupid shit he did to her. I’m pretty sure they all would have wanted to smack him upside the head a few times. This book actually helped me a little. I am very against groupies with musicians, and Abby isn’t one of Runaway Train’s normal groupies. She just got on the wrong bus and the wrong bed. Jake slowly came out of his shell and Abby gave me a chance to surprise her, even though she swore she hated surprises. Okay, I’m done teasing you. Buy the book and I promise you’ll love it too.


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