Feeling Like A Kid With A Lime Sucker

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Today has been another great day. It started off kind of slow, but as noon came rolling around, it kind of got better. My mom had to do some things around town and one of the things was going to the bank. I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, every time we would go to the bank either with my mom or my nana, the ladies that worked at the banks would give out suckers to the kids. If my sister or my cousin didn’t like the flavor they got, we were trade them off. Today, when my mom went to the bank, as she was pulling out we discovered that there was a lime sucker in the envelope. I haven’t had a sucker from a bank in a long time. It was a treat! I definitely enjoyed it and bragged about it. Which my dad had to tease me about it and make his voice like he was talking to a kid. I gave him a sarcastic look and grin and told him to hush. I got to hang out with my grandparents while my dad was fixing their screen door. I had orange juice, a lime sucker, and ice cream all in one day. You would think I’d be tired, but I’m not. The night is still young and considering I am almost done with my book, I might actually try to finish it since I have nothing to watch tonight. So I hope everybody had a good day! Enjoy your day tomorrow! The Vampire Diaries comes back on tomorrow, and I was told we are supposed to get some serve storms tomorrow evening. That’s my luck for you!

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