Gold Wrapper Heaven.

As promised, I am going to talk about my day yesterday. It was a fairly good day all around. Of course, it wasn’t until an hour after I got home from work what happened at the Boston marathon pretty much took my good mood and flushed it away. After I heard and saw it everywhere on both Facebook and Twitter, I prayed and stayed off both for a while. I didn’t watch The Voice last night, but I did tape it and I am watching it right now. I did watch Dancing With The Stars, and I loved it! So many favorites last night. When I took my time to vote after the show, I gave my last two votes (since you could vote up to nine times) I had voted for seven couples, but like I said those last votes were for the two couples with the lowest points. Victor and Lindsay and Any and Sharna. I love both of those couples, because I think they could do better. I thought Victor deserved better scores from the judges. Andy had a few slip ups, but I think he could do better next week. Since both of them have been in the bottom two before, I’m a little scared.

I started my day at 8am, and my mom had gotten up around 9:30am and took me to the bathroom and told me I was going to be tired when I got home from work. I wasn’t tired when I got home. I was far from it really. Anyways, I got to go to work today after missing last week. I had a new driver, which reminded me of  one of my English teachers I had in school. He was very nice and he liked to talk. When I got to work, I got to go around and talk to some of the residents and once I got into the room, I found coloring pages we were going to color. She picked out “Earth Day” pages and spring like pages as well. She said their markers were missing so I had to use crayons. It’s been a while since I’ve used those, so I kept my mouth shut because I knew I didn’t like them, but I didn’t exactly remember why. Until I started on my second one. My toes were screaming for mercy! Apparently, when I grip a crayon I grip it with all my might. That was putting a strain on my toes because of the pressure. The crayons are small and I think because they’re so small, I guess my toes think it’s going to slip right out of my toes. I don’t know. So I bet you’re wondering why I have a picture of those chocolates, right? Well, after we were done with doing the coloring pages. The girl I work with asked if I wanted to go with her up to the office. I went with her and we stayed up there until right when my mom came to pick me up.

One of the other ladies, came in right before she was about to leave, and she had these little chocolates. She asked us if we wanted to try one and I jumped at the chance because I watch too much TV and everytime one of their commercials come on, I instantly start to crave them. I’ve never tried them before and she handle it up for me as I took a bite and my God, it was one of the most heavenly things I’ve ever tried before. I didn’t think chocolate could taste so freaking good before. I only had to take two bites out of it and I began to wish it was in a bar form. So I got to try my first expensive chocolate truffle. Fair warning though, she did ask me if I wanted another one, I fully regret not taking that second one. I think the only reason why I didn’t take it was before I knew she was about to go home and I didn’t want her to stay only to feed me these addictive little things. It came three in a pack. I was so tempted! So if anybody in my family wants to get me a gift for any reason at all, I’d like to have like a pack of these. I’ll just hope to God nobody in my family likes them.

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