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Today is finally the day that every music lover lives for. The day when new music gets released to buy anywhere! I’ve been looking forward to this day for two months straight. Some of you might’ve gotten Volbeat and/or Stone Sour’s new albums, but for me I have been excited for Device debut album to come out. I’ve definitely been taking advantage of the pre stream Noisecreep posted last week of the band’s album on SoundCloud. I’ve literally been picking out my favorite tracks from the album and I got to say the album is pretty badass. I am really liking “Close My Eyes Forever” with Lzzy Hale. Both of my parents have caught me listening to it and freak out in their own ways. It was pretty hilarious! Dad didn’t know what to say about it and my mom was cleaning and literally opened my bedroom door and started singing the song out loud. It was embarrassing as crap! I put on my Twitter that if she ruins the song for me, I’ll be pissed. I seriously would too. Their song, “You Think You Know” is probably my favorite out of all the songs. It’s so powerful and awesome! If you haven’t bought the album yet, you gotta do it!It wasn’t all album that call out today.

Two singles I’ve been waiting for a year and a half from two different genres were also released. I don’t remember who had it up on their site at the moment, but I do know the site wouldn’t load correctly (much like my Twitter yesterday!) and I didn’t get to listen to it. I listened to it on YouTube, and it was a bad quality but it was still the song and it wasn’t cut after 30 seconds. When I got up this morning at 11am, I had to find it and listen to it. I was very happy to listen to it, but sadly I’ve only listened to it twice today. Another single that was released today was “Here’s To Never Growing Up” by the lovely Avril Lavigne. This was the only one I hadn’t heard. I actually haven’t heard the 30 second snippet, because everytime her fanpage talked about it, you have to register for an account to just hear it. I couldn’t even hear it on YouTube because it apparently wasn’t leaked yet. It was weird, but very worth the wait. I’ve listened to it about four times today. I am definitely in love with it already. I am a die-hard Avril Lavigne fan and proud of it!

I haven’t used my iTunes card yet. My mom has been busy all day long so I haven’t been able to go in there and get my songs yet. I’m going to do it tomorrow, so I feel kind of bad for getting up at 11am and staying up the entire day. However, I needed to try and fix my sleep schedule. So I’m going to get off here and continue to watch the eliminations of Dancing With The Stars, so I hope everybody had a great Tuesday! Enjoy all the new music releases.

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