Beautiful Day

Well, today is Monday. I was supposed to go to work, but I had to cancel. So guess what I spent my day doing? I slept for most of the day. My sleep schedule is all messed up. However, an hour after I got up. My mom finally came to “wake me up” and instead of waking me up, she just waltzed into my room, noticed it was hot in my room, and then decided to open my window. The funny thing is, I haven’t felt any cool air come out of there. My mom has been running ragged and been cleaning the house. Spring cleaning at its finest! Since she has been cleaning all afternoon, the house has gotten hotter. So we finally had to put on the air conditioner. My dad wasn’t the first one to turn it on and he’s the hot one in my family. It actually feels good to hear the birds chirp in the distance and look at the sky. I’ve been enjoying scaring the crap out of my sister and dad when they got home. All they heard was a small voice saying, “hi” and have no idea who said it. Speaking of that, our stray cat Bootsie (or as I call her “Mama”) found a way up the porch handles and got ahold of my window and starting meowing at me. She did this twice. All I heard was loud meows and saw black ears at the edge of the screen and we thought Oliver was cuckoo.

I just ate supper and now I’m waiting for Dancing With The Stars to start at eight. I missed last week’s episode and I didn’t vote because I didn’t think it was right to vote for my favorites if I didn’t even watch them perform. All of my favorites are performing tonight so I’m fine. Since I have a half hour left, I thought I’d try to read some of my book. I’ve been saying that for the past two days and yet I haven’t done it. I haven’t worked on my story either. I’m thinking of printing that off and starting over on it because the whole thing needs to be fixed in parts. I am liking the changes I’m doing, but there are little things I’m thinking about and I just need to see them, highlight them and fix it all. I have a lot of thoughts concerning my story. That’s my main thought floating around in my head. My next thought is tomorrow is the day I finally get to use my iTunes card after almost eight days of getting it last week. I cannot believe I have lasted this long. I didn’t think I would actually make it.

I’m hoping for a good day tomorrow. I don’t want to sleep all day like I did today. I like sleeping in, but this is ridiculous! Okay, I’m going to go back to listening Back To The Future and reading Katie Ashley’s Music Of The Heart. I remember saying two weeks ago that I would only read a book for two weeks and then move on, but I don’t think that’s going to work out for me. So good night all!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Day

  1. Would your mom come over and Spring Clean my house??? Please??? lol it’s so not fair, you’re turning on the air conditioning and it’s snowing here. Good luck reading your book! I’m reading a doozy of a one right now called Clockwork Angel, I’m in love with it 🙂 My favorite character, sadly I found out yesterday, has some illness and they keep talking like he might die. I will be utterly distraught if he dies. Anyway, happy reading and writing!


    1. Oh I’ve been thinking of reading that book! I actually didn’t read tonight. Lol 😀 Well if it makes you feel better, I was practically freezing my butt off majority of the day. It feels good to have the AC on, but it was weird. I’m still thinking it’s winter.


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