The Sun Is Surrounded By Clouds.

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Today has been a good day I guess you could say. It hasn’t been the greatest, but it works. I’ve been at home all day. I was supposed to go my nana’s, but those plans were kind of squished. So instead of getting out of the house, my mom decided to give me a shower. Of course, she wanted to do this when I was actually busy. This time around, my back was being stubborn and was sensitive. It wasn’t like that last week, but we’ll just have to get used to it. My mom did put a few towels in the dryer so I wasn’t freezing my butt off when I got out. She even had an extra one just for ChiChi, because if somebody has a warm towel she gets very jealous. So instead of getting hurt, my mom just put one in there for her. It’s really sad that a small dog gets mad if you don’t have a warm towel for her. Now that I’m all cleaned, I’m covered in pink. Funny thing is, both outfits she pulled out of my dresser drawers were pink. There was no way out of this one! I like the shirt I have on though, it has a cupcake on it!

Today is also a Tuesday! So that means, new music! I seriously thought New Kids On The Block new album was supposed to come out today until yesterday when they were still posting how many DAYS until their album is released. I am excited, can you tell? I had two other reasons to be excited for today though. Two different genres: Indie and Melodic Death Metal. Dido released her new album, Girl Who Got Away. Amaranthe finally released their new album The Nexus a few days ago overseas, but it was finally time for it come out here. I haven’t seen anything about Dido’s album and where it is on iTunes and Billboard, but I do know Amaranthe’s album is #1 on the iTunes metal charts! This morning I listened to Dido’s album because Spotify didn’t have Amaranthe’s on there yet. I actually just got done listening to it. It’s so good! Now I’m ready for April.

Tonight I have the results of Dancing With The Stars. I am actually a little worried about it. I’m scared Dorothy and Tristan are going to be the ones who get the axe or Andy and Sharna. I think with a little bit more time, they can get better! I finally got to watch the full episode of last night’s blind auditions of The Voice. I love the fact that Shakira and Usher are on this season, even though I miss Christina already! I am taping tonight’s episode too! I don’t think my mom has watched it yet. So now I’m going to lay down and watched Reba. So have a lovely evening people! ♥

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