What Time Is It?!?!

So guess what time it is?!?! It’s Dancing With The Stars time! I just watched Ingo and Kym do the Quickstep! I am loving the costumes this week. So vintage! I think Sharna’s costume is my favorite. I also love Bruno’s navy blue suit. The judges are kind of arguing right now. My mom and I are on the same team this season. We both like Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough and Mark and Aly. They’re not the only ones I have been rooting for though. I do like Tristan and Dorothy and Zandeya and Val as well. I have a small crush on Lindsay Arnold. Even though DWTS is on right now, so is the premiere of The Voice and I love the blind auditions because the coaches get very… mean, and they get 10x more hilarious that way too!

I had to stay home from work. I actually got up about five minutes before I was to go to work. At that time, the only person who was awake was my sister. I have had a rough night. My sleep is still effed up. We actually got more snow than planned. It also started late too, so most of it came last night. I remember when my dad got up around 2:30am, he left to go into town and when he got back, I could hear him knocking the snow off his boots when he got inside the house, but yet none of that registered in my head until after I texted my mom when I got up this morning. Because I still asked anyways. I called that one though. I knew that it was either going to be the snow or my body that wasn’t going to let me go to work.

Okay, since it’s pretty much taking me forever to do this. I think I’ve blogged enough for today. Have a good night peeps!

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