The Different Stories Of Alice

ba5ad0bd9be2b21151e7e86f528503dfToday, I went to my nana’s in the morning. My mom did her errands and I got to have lunch and ice cream. We talked about different things. One in particular, being about my Nightwish post I did yesterday. I mainly talked about my new obsession with them. Then I figured something out while I was there. Since I liked listening to music like Nightwish and I like their concept of Imaginaerum, I thought to myself, I’ve never really heard a fairy tale before. I’ve only watched every fairy tale Disney movie there is about a hundred times. So maybe I should actually read one. I might even like them again.

I’ve lived this life and the more, life lets me down for a Prince Charming and a world of nonsense, the more I hate it. I decided after buying two of the songs of the album, I thought maybe if I can find a dark fairy tale it would fit my mood and give me some inspiration to writing some themed dark and abstract thoughts. I’ve found about three dark fairy tales, well novels. The first dark fairy tale book I’ve found is Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George.So far, I’ve found two “Alice in Wonderland” books, both are different. The first I found is called Her Mad Hatter, Kingdom Series: Marie Hall and the other is called, Return to Wonderland, Grimm Fairy Tales: Raven Gregory, Daniel Leister, Neil Ruffino, Rich Bonk, and Al Rio. I’ve even found a 50 Shades of Alice In Wonderland. Why do people always have to put “50 Shades” into everything? Even fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland? It’s crazy!

Now I’m sitting on my bed, watching my TV shows for the night. My mom and I are thinking today is Sunday, but it’s not. It’s the first of March. I’ve spent it well too. I got to go over to my nana’s and I even got an iTunes card too, but nana helped me accomplished that one. My list consists of rock, metal, rock, metal and alternative. I think I got like nine or ten songs. Sad part is, I missed like three songs I desperately¬† wanted, but that’s okay. I’m going to lie down and watch Malibu Country and the country cutie pie Blake Shelton is on this episode! Then after that, I’m going to listen to my iPod through my headphones. Good night.

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