Almost Nine

Today wasn’t supposed to be slow and draining, but it was. I was supposed to go to my nana’s again while my dad took my papaw to the doctor. My sister didn’t go to school today, she’s sick. Which kind of explains the symptoms I was having last night, off and on. My throat was either sore or clogged up. It just kept going back and forth. So if I have anything like that tonight, I might be staying home tomorrow. So anyways, my sister stayed at home and I didn’t go over to my nana’s. I need a day to relax before going to work tomorrow. I just stayed in my room and listened to music from both my iPod and Spotify. I have realized two things today. I’m really getting addicted to Device’s new song, “Vilify” and I did something I don’t normally do to a new band. I knew I was going to like the song. I hadn’t even listen to it for a minute and I still knew I would love — not like — this song. The part I realized though, was I would rather listen to the song after the album is released. I have to wait two more months until the actual album comes out. Uh oh! I’m not use to this whole waiting game from a new band. I do remember these feelings though, because I had them when I got into Linkin Park, Skillet, In This Moment, Lacuna Coil, and Five Finger Death Punch. Right now, Device is at the top of my top five bands. I knew it was going to happen, but I’m not even that big of a fan of Disturbed and I’m pretty much in love with Device? Okay.

In about thirty minutes, the new episode of Law & Order: SVU and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty good one! It’s going about Amanda Rollins and her sister, which after that first episode that features her sister, kind of made me think she’ll be back and something wrong would happen between the two of them. I’m excited to see what happens, because Detective Rollins is one of my favorite characters. I got to watch the episode where Kelli guest stars as a victim Kara, I apparently never watched that episode before and that’s kind of sad because I thought I’ve seen every episode once or twice.  And did we ever find out who Olivia’s mystery man is yet? I’m still thinking it’s the Hayden guy from before. I could be wrong though. So I’m excited to watch that episode. I’m also sad that I don’t have my Happily Divorced on anymore. It’s gone until the next season, which will probably be around September. Both Happily Divorced and Hot In Cleveland start at the same time like they should. If I hadn’t slept all morning long than I might be able to get some sleep tonight since I don’t have to stay up so late, but I’m sure I’ll make an excuse to stay up. My mom just put on my headphones, and told me not stay up too late. Man, this isn’t even published yet and she can read this paragraph already.

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