The Owl And Leprechaun.

71719_2773607917457_1418122593_nToday is my favorite day at work. It’s the day we have Crafty Corner. We do different crafts with the residents and today, we not only had different coloring pages, for each of the upcoming holidays: St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. We also had an extra helper. He was a sweetie. The activities director had him organize the pages in two different stakes. When I first got there, I was so happy I was out of the car. It was awkward and I definitely wished my mom had just taken me to work with her instead. I have days like that, it’s not all the time. Thank god!

When I got there, we just talked about our day so far and the weekend. Then after an hour I think, we went into the dining room and they put these different coloring pages on two different tables, so that way everybody could see the choices. I had originally wanted to do this owl and a kitten picture, but when the residents started coming in, and since we were kind of short today, I decided to lend a hand…or shall we say, a foot? I helped with one of the residents, who couldn’t exactly color. I don’t normally use the tables they work on because they’re too high for me. I use the chair nearby. Since I didn’t want to bother anyone, I put my feet on the table and paid for the consequences later. This resident had a small bunny with some flowers. I asked him if he had seen Bambi before, and he said, “yes” and then I decided to tell him a story of when I was younger, I played a part in a play in Elementary. I had a line that involved the rabbit, Thumper. Well, my nana went and made me a bunny costume just for the occasion. I was also the only one in costume too! He thought it was cute, and we decided that we were going to make his rabbit like Thumper, but the only difference was, he made him with a white face with brown ears. It was still cute though!

As he was working on his picture, I decided to come out of my little corner and hang out at that table just in case, anybody needed any help. I pulled up a chair and started working on my little owl. Honestly, I don’t like how this little guy turned out. He wasn’t supposed to have an orange body with brown wings with red talons. I felt bad everytime I went over to ask to borrow a different colored marker that after I thought about each part and asked for the wrong color. I thought it was too late to change my mind. So I just went with it. It doesn’t look that bad, but I know the original plan I had set up and I’m regretting changing around now. This other one isn’t mine actually. I normally make my crafts for different residents that don’t come down for crafts. Today, I got a picture from somebody who did do crafts. I’ve been thinking he only gave me this because I got him a Valentine’s Day card last Thursday. I have been sad that I didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day, but I was blessed with having a nice, calm day though. When I was riding in the car this morning on my way to work, I was thinking it was going to be a bad day, but I saw two hawks and horses, I knew after I got out of there it was going to be a good day and it was. I think praying to God halfway through the ride helped too!

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