Cleans Like Monica

Today has been a productive day! I had a plan for this weekend and I got only half of it done. I decided earlier in the week to start drawing, well I decided not to go crazy, because I don’t pressure myself and get myself all in a fuss. So I said to myself, yesterday morning, that I would just clean my desk first. I didn’t clean at all yesterday. I had it in my head, but I literally forgot about it. Around midnight, I was still awake and I didn’t feel tired and all I wanted to do was clean. This is what I get for switching my channels back and forth to watch the same episodes of Friends I just watched on the other channel. I’ve been thinking more and more everyday that I’m turning into Monica. She’s obsessed with cleaning.I organized everything, I even made myself a little bookshelf on the side. After I got done with everything, I was so overjoyed with how nice it looked. Not, that was done with everything, but how nice and clean it looked. Now if I can just get my right side of the room like that, I would be really proud of myself! Honestly, I have no idea when I’m going to start my drawing. Right now, I’m just excited I got my desk cleared off. I think everybody out there who cleans, wants to do everything possible to make sure it stayed that way.

I’ve slept pretty much the entire morning. I got up three different times before I just rolled over and gave up trying to go back to sleep. My stomach has been feeling weird again. My appetite is off again. Not as bad though, because I just ate about half of a plate of lasagna. I’m actually glad my mom isn’t washing my hair until tomorrow morning. I don’t think my stomach can take the anxiety of feeling like I am going to fall off the counter. I’m so scared of heights. I’m such a scardy cat, but at least I can admit it. That’s a good sign. Besides cleaning, I’ve been listening to music. At the end of my cleaning, I had turned off my stereo so I could hear the last bit of Beyonce’s documentary that my mom taped last night. I almost missed it last night. I was glad my mom started watching it on the TV in the living room before she went to bed. All three of us, (my mom, Emily and I) agree that her song she performed, we’re thinking the title was, “Because You Lied” or something around there brought tears in our eyes. The whole thing was good, and today, I found out that Backstreet Boys are doing a documentary too! They also said, that they’re new album might come out in the summer too. Damn. I’m in for it this summer. I still got time though.

Anyways, I’ll leave you with this awesome song. I finally got to hear it earlier today. I’ve only listened to it three times today and I’m already addicted to it. I’m not even that big of a fan of them, and yet this is the best song right now. Hope you like it too!

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