Baby Fever

I have finally given in and used up my “secret” boards on Pinterest. I actually wasn’t going to use the boards or use them for this, but I thought it would give me some help on what kind of style I would dress my kids someday. The reason why I have the quotation marks over the word secret, is because once I talk about them today, they definitely won’t be a secret anymore. Everybody knows I have kind of thought of my future kids and their names. I have even blogged about it. I change my names almost every four months, but I have one that has almost stuck with me over the years. It’s just one name. I’m still thinking about the other one, I’ll finally figure out that one soon. Anyways, my new boards are pretty much full of baby clothes and I’ve pretty much gone all out. I think almost everybody knows I hate the color pink, but considering the girl color is mainly pink. I thought I was loosing it. I have a lot of alternative clothes, like little skulls with bows. Of course, I have the normal girly clothes like tutus and headbands with those little flowers on the side. I’ve come to realize that the little girls nowadays, have a bigger selection of clothes than my sister and I ever did! I don’t think my family would agree with this, but it’s not like your family will actually admit you looked ridiculous as a baby, because technically it wouldn’t be your fault. It would be your parents.

My future son has a smaller selection, but yet this board has almost 60 pins inside. I have a few things that my family would be happy about. I have a few things with trains and motorcycles on it. In other words, my papaw and dad would be pretty happy about these bibs and clothes. I think baby boy clothes are cuter than girl clothes. I’ve found little hats and plaid shirts. My future son(s) will be very handsome and stylish as they grow up. I even have a bunch of onesies that have skulls and guitars on them. I think it’s official, if any of my future kids hate rock n roll when they get older, I will admit I probably drove them to it. My style for my future son is a cross from a prep to a rocker. I want my kids to be very cute and dress as awesome as their mother. If they end up just wanting to wear socks for the first few years of their lives I’m in trouble, because then I have to try to explain this to a little cutie pie and I’m just going to give in and let them. I hope when that happens, my dad is around and the kid is a little afraid of him. He’ll be the one to get my future kids to wear their shoes.

On today’s episode of Dr. Phil, it’s about women who are obsessing over babies. The first woman who Dr. Phil talks to, is a young woman who will go to such lengths to get pregnant from her husband. She already has a baby, but she wants more. She said she wants as many as her hips and body allows her to have. She has been manipulative to her husband. She has done a lot of weird things, just to get pregnant. She said she knows what she’s doing is wrong and extreme. Then there are stories of pregnant women being killed from other desperate women who those babies. They will do anything to get these babies. I’ve heard stories of women stealing babies from hospitals and women going as low to killing a pregnant woman just to get their baby. It’s just sad and crazy to me, I mean, these women didn’t deserve that and when the babies get killed along with their mothers is just awful as well. This woman of the next story has her friend over at her house and brought a baby bag with two butcher knifes. She had planned on cutting the baby out of the womb and killing her afterwards. That has got to be the scariest thing ever!

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