Gray And Yellow

Today has been an awesome day! Yesterday afternoon, I saw a movie on the Disney Channel that I hadn’t seen in a long time. You’ll probably giggle, but I watched The Tigger Movie. Well, I started watching it yesterday afternoon. I finished it, where I actually left off, this morning. The ending made me sad, and I bawled like a little baby. I’m an emotional wreck I swear! I love that movie and I was surprised on how much I remembered different scenes. It came out the same year, my little cousin was born, which made me feel really old. This entire week. I’ve been practically stuck in this house, because the weather won’t be the same for more than one day. It’s actually supposed to snow on and off for the next few days. All the snow that came Thursday night, the highway was clear and wasn’t so slick. The roads to get around my nana’s house though were a totally different story. They were white. It actually looked like a painting that you would see and house sleigh would take people around. Plus, when the sun did come out, it gave the snow a nice glow and it looked even more beautiful.

Since I haven’t talked to my nana in almost a week. Apparently a lot happened between the both of us that we actually had a conversation that blended together. That usually never happens. When my mom and I first got there, we didn’t know where to go to get lunch, because our Subway is on top of a hill and with all that snow., my mom didn’t really want to take her chances of getting caught going up the hill and sliding down it either. So they decided on pizza. My mom and I had stuffed crust pizza last night, so we both looked at each other and groaned. There was no way I was going to be able to eat pizza again. I thought my stomach was going to explode yesterday with all the food I ate. So we got mozzarella sticks and red sauce instead. I didn’t even finish mine. I couldn’t. I had a blueberry muffin just a half an hour before. I was happy with what I had in the first place. After that, my nana asked if I wanted any ice cream and I said no, because that’s how full I was. When my mom was done, she did my nana’s errands for her and I got my nana to do my nails. I’ve been hinting that I wanted them done and I wanted like a dark blue, almost like a navy blue color. Butler colors, you know. She didn’t have a blue, so we improvised. I liked the bright and I also liked the metallic gray too. So I had her do a three toes were one color and the other two were the other, and vice versa. They are bright, but yet they kind of go with all this snow. At least, I think they do!

When my mom got done with getting my nana’s stuff at the store, she came back to the house and we had put the last coats of paint of my fingernails, since they’re the most awkward and the hardest to do. Especially the pinkies. They’re in a bad spot and don’t get the “pretty” treatment because of that reason. You’re not going to be able to see them unless, you hold up my entire hand to see each one. By the time, somebody asks why the pinky has just a coat of paint on it, they understand. Cutting the nails are another thing that sucks about them, but lucky for me they were less thick nails of the bunch. When my mom was finally ready to leave, I was in a good enough mood that I wanted to show my fingernails. So I had her take a picture of me before we packed up and went home. I also had my nana take that picture of my toenails too. After five minutes and when everything was dried. She put me in the car and when my mom came back out of the house. She found out, she forgot the ice again. So we had to go to Huck’s and on our way back, you get this really clear image of a tree without its leaves and the gray sky in the background. My mom told me to look at the top of the tree to see a squirrel at the very top. My mom and I were probably thinking the same thing, I just ended up saying it out loud. I told my mom, “I bet that squirrel is thinking to itself, ‘what the hell was I thinking?'” It was cute, but weird to see. Thank god nobody was in front of us when we first noticed it. She took the bag of ice into the house and after that, we finally went home.

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