First Day Of February!

First, it was serve weather and contained the possibility of bringing along some tornadoes. I remember not being able to sleep at all Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning. I got my whole sleep schedule all in a mess, but I can’t exactly blame the weather for this. It actually started Saturday night. Pain was involved, and it wasn’t pretty. Getting off track, I’ve found out just a bit ago, that we’re suppose to get some more snow. We were in a snow adversity last night. Both ice and snow came in very fast. I was told it was only supposed to be flurries, but it wasn’t. My dad said that was probably three inches of snow on our porch. Everybody was talking about how icy the roads were on Facebook. My mom and sister were both out and had to come home in it. Emily’s boyfriend, his dad had to come and pick him up and he left his truck here. Now we’re supposed to get one to two more inches of snow. Where is spring when you need it the most?

Onto something good though, not that the talk of pretty snow on the ground is such a bad thing. It’s really the ice part that everybody hates the most. Today is the start of another month of this new year. It’s also the first day of Black History Month. It also won’t be too long before that horrible holiday for couples to celebrateĀ their love for each other. Valentine’s Day. It’s the only holiday that is the most overrated out of the bunch. I can say that, because this will be the seventh year in a row where I don’t have a “sweetie” to celebrate it with, and sometimes I am fine with being single, but when it comes to this holiday. It sucks and I would want to escape the entire day. Stay away from everybody and stay off all my social networking sites, because even people go crazy on there. I feel like Elle Woods on Legally Blonde after Warner breaks up with her and she wants to spend her day in bed, watching sappy love movies, eating a box full of chocolates. I would rather watch a good action movie or something funny, get my favorite ice cream and pig out. Sadly, I can’t. I actually have to work, but I would rather spend the day with the girls and residents then be lonely and depressed the entire day.

I have no idea how I am going to spend my first day of the new month. I do know I’m getting my hair washed today. If I knew my sister was staying home I’d figure out a way to get her to plug-in the Wii and let me play bowling and Just Dance 3. I’m in one of those moods. I might do some reading again this afternoon. Tonight, I have both Last Man Standing and Malibu Country on. I don’t watch Blue Bloods anymore, I haven’t watched it since the beginning of November. I don’t know why, because I’m pretty much in love with police shows and the fact Donnie Wahlberg is in it, it’s not bad! I just lost interest in it. Maybe I can get somebody to bring out my CD/DVD big case and watch Dirty Dancing, Step Up (my mom still hasn’t seen it and she’s been wanting to watch it), or one of the Transformers movies. It is Friday anyways, maybe I’ll get lucky to find a good movie on our movie channels tonight. Hope everybody has/had a good day and evening!

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