Short But Straight To The Point.

Well I had myself a weird thing happen. Hopefully, I didn’t do anything stupid, again. Today is Thursday, right? Which means it’s Vampire Day. I may not be able to watch it on my TV but I can watch it online. Well, if my link works. That’s the only kicker. I can get excited, but not too excited because who knows what will happened tomorrow. At 9:30pm, though I have Anger Management too! Oh, I just realized that not only am I going to have Ridiculousness for Valentine’s Day, but also Anger Management too. Since it is, in fact on a Thursday. Whoohoo¬†for me! Maybe it won’t suck as bad as I thought it would. Man, did I just jinx myself bigtime. I’ve been reading some again. The last day I read was on Sunday. Book #4 will be coming out soon and I’m getting more and more anxious. I don’t see myself buying the physical book though. I think I might have to follow my mom’s words and just keep buying the books on Amazon for my Kindle. Just smarter that way I think. Sorry, for this being so short. Not at all going on with me today. We’re suppose to get some snow tonight and from all the talk on Facebook right now, the roads are getting slick and icy. Explains my depressing/lazy mood.