Up Against The Wall

So last night wasn’t so bad. It could have turned out to be a lot worse. From all the talk on the news that pretty serve weather was towards us late last night. Here’s what happened last night. My parents didn’t go to bed until around 9pm. I had my mom put on my headphones, like she does every night. We knew we’d be awake again around midnight, so might as well try to get some sleep in the meantime. It was really windy outside and it had been raining most of the afternoon, so for once it had actually stopped raining, but wind kept picking up more and more. I had taken my headphones around 11pm. Did my prayers and rolled over on my left side (towards the window) and kept hearing the wind blow as hard as it could. As much as it blew though, we never once lost power. My satellite went out once, but that was it. A little before I did try to sleep, I found a little mosquito, just chilling on my wall. He picked a bad spot, because I turned over and grabbed the curtain and killed him. He wasn’t going to bite me tonight and I wasn’t about an itch fest either. His guts are still on my wall. I was happy he stayed on my wall instead of falling on top of my blanket up against my wall.

I swear as soon as I rolled over, put on my blanket, and got comfortable enough to drift off to sleep. My dad comes and wakes me up. So much for “trying” to sleep before the storm rolled in. He got me up and put me in the bathtub, since we don’t have a basement. He had a blanket on the bottom, so my butt wasn’t wet and he even had a pillow up against the wall so I could lay back. Remember I told you about my fuzzy pink zebra pants? Yeah, I discovered something last night. I can’t lay back up against a wall or anything, because if I do. I will have a really bad wedge and when I wanted to scoot back towards the back of the tub, my pants and the blanket kept sticking together. My dad woke up my sister and I thought she was going to have to come into the tub too, so I tried to move back but I couldn’t for the life of me. She didn’t even come into the tub, because it didn’t so bad as what they thought it would. She got up and went into the living room and passed out on the couch. When my mom was switching the channels to see if there were any differences on the other channel. I guess one of our local channels went back to its regular programming because I heard (at least I thought I heard) “Love Bites (So Do I)” by Halestorm playing on TV. Once I noticed it was in face them, I yelled out “that’s Halestorm!” My mom laughed at me because they thought I was asleep because I was so quiet. I was the only one stuck in the bathroom, but I’d rather safe than sorry.

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